A little joy when it’s least expected.

Hello, darlings!  And thank you to all of you who are still checking in, despite my long absence.  Soon, I’ll be back to (attempting) to post more regularly.  But tonight, I needed to share a little joy with you all that came to me unexpectedly.  If you are living in the US, you know about winter storm Octavia.  You might have also heard that this storm is threatening to dump snow in the south – an area where, I can assure you, they have no idea what to do with snow and EVERYONE freaks out.  Well, Sir Joshimus Rex is currently at work and will be until 11pm and the later it got this afternoon, the worse they were predicting our area would get hit.  Me?  I was blasé about it and convinced that it was all for nothing.  Until the possibility of my husband driving home on Buttercup in dangerous conditions hit home.  So, I got a little freaked out.

And then, out of nowhere (as my aunt isn’t on my Facebook page), I get a text message from my aunt.  This is my mom’s oldest sister, the aunt that I have always been closest to, the aunt that I have always laughingly said I was going to be when I grew up.  As I get older, the laugh remains, but I become more serious beneath it.  I don’t just love my aunt, I adore my aunt.  And it was like she knew that I needed a lift, because she shared her thoughts with me in a free-flowing of love that left me near tears.

As I’ve spoken of before, particularly after a visit to my parents’ this summer, I was abused by my father for many years.  The main reason he doesn’t abuse me now is because I don’t give him as many opportunities to do so.  I’ve finally begun to realize that the voice of self-loathing I hear in my head isn’t my own voice, but my father’s voice and it is making it easier to love myself and see myself the way my husband has seen me from the beginning of our relationship.  It’s an ongoing progress, and he has only had a third of my life to change the way I see myself.  But I’m slowly getting there.

Tonight, my aunt described me the way she saw me.  I won’t share what all she said to me, because I haven’t asked her if I could, nor would I.  But I had to share this beautiful tidbit, because I would never have thought anyone saw me so.  She said she saw me “as the essence of the woods and the sky and water and wind.”  Breathtaking, isn’t it?  Even rereading it here, my heart swells and my eyes fill with tears of gratitude, not because she sees me that way, but because she shared with me that she sees me that way.  (by the way, is it any wonder that I have a way with words, with such a beautiful example before me?)

Now, here’s the most important part of this post for the rest of you.  Don’t hesitate to let someone know how you see them.  Lift them up, shine a light on the beauty you see in the people you love.  You will never know if your one statement of faith in them, in your love and pride and even envy might be just lift their spirits need in that moment.  You might be the one or one of the voices that can completely change how they look at themselves for the better.  So offer those words of encouragement, love, and light.

And if no one has told you today, the world is a better place for having you in it.  And I hope all of you have at least one person as amazing as my Aunt Sharon in your lives.  I can’t say she is the only person this amazing in my life, but she is by far one of the most beloved.  I wish you all joy.


BB Lea Sig Purp

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