Spiritual Saturday

Hello, lovelies, and welcome to the first post of 2015.  I’ve spent much of the last  four months (five months?) not doing anything around here, or around my house to be honest.  But I’m ready for that to end.  And it seems an auspicious time to begin.  You see, tomorrow is Imbolc, the holy day of my Goddess, Brighid, and the beginning of our movement into spring.  It isn’t the time of first planting – though we’ve had some beautiful weather this past week that has been teasing me with hints of a beautiful spring far too early.  No, this is the time of preparation, of cleaning up and clearing out.  We have already begun that here, though not in honor of Brighid, I’m afraid.  Still, it is a good cleaning out, making our home more warm and welcoming.

But all too often, I’ve taken the easy, the passive, way out of things.  But this year I won’t allow myself to take the easy way out.  So I will take some time tomorrow to throw out some more of the trash that is clogging up our space (though we have gotten rid of most of it! yay!).  And then I will smudge our house, cleaning the energies that I’ve allowed to stagnate within for far too long.  I will do this in the hopes of bringing in more creativity – the execution more than the craving.  But more, I will do this because it my home deserves it and because my Gods deserve the devotion from me.

These past few months have been hell for me – unhappy months where my spirit has felt buried.  And maybe I needed just that.  Needed some time doing something different, breaking my routine, so that I could better appreciate my routine.  A hard reset, almost.  Because now I am ready to do this ritual cleaning, even as I am ready to finish cleaning out the physical junk from my home.  I’ve been unhappy – hence my silence – but now I’m ready to take the steps out of that unhappiness and back into my joy.

I hope that this coming spring allows you to shove out the crud that’s holding you down or holding you back.  I hope it brings you new joys and new wonder.  And I hope to see you in the months to come.

BB Lea Sig Purp

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