Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I don’t work and it seemed like just the day for me to stop by and blog.  Thanksgiving is and has been for as long as I can remember, one of my favorite holidays.  Of course, every kid loves Christmas – who wouldn’t love presents, especially not when you’re from a family as large as mine on my mom’s side?  But Thanksgiving we were more likely to play games after eating – and playing games with my family was always fun and FUNNY.  And as I got older, I got to participate more in the games, which was even more fun.  And then nine years ago, I woke up at my house, where Sir Joshimus Rex was sleeping on my couch in the early months of our deep denial of our relationship.  We got up and got dressed, hugged one another, and then each headed off to do Thanksgiving with our separate families.  It wasn’t the last holiday that we spent separately (that was Christmas), but that evening after we finished our separate tasks, we met back at the house.  The world changed for me that day and he officially began living with me that day.

Technically, the anniversary is on the 24th (the day Thanksgiving fell on that year, a Monday this year), but it’s hard to associate only with the date on the calendar.  Because what I remember is sitting through dinner – which I enjoyed because I enjoy most of my family – but thinking about the fact that when I left, I could be with Josh again.  I was in love and too silly (and had not been in love before) to recognize that fact.  And after that night, he didn’t “stay” with me some nights and go “home” some nights.  He stayed home with me.  We didn’t talk about it then, or how things changed between us after he moved in.  His stuff just stayed in my closet, his dirty clothes in with mine, and we squeezed into the tiny twin bed that I had brought from my parents’ house.  Honestly I think that we were both afraid to acknowledge what was happening, to talk about it as if it was a dream that we were afraid of waking ourselves up from.

So what am I thankful for today?  What I’ve been thankful for every day for the last nine years.  My beautiful, wonderful, insanity-making, super-nerd, video-game-obsessed, sci-fan-book-addict, favorite-person-on-the-face-of-the-earth husband.  Thank you for nine of the greatest years of my life and for the next adventure that we find ourselves on, wherever the road may lead us.  So long as we’re together, we’ll find a way to face anything that gets thrown at us, or that we manage to throw ourselves into – whichever the case may be!

And to you guys out there who are still taking time to stop by, still reading even though I’m taking yet another break (though hopefully as I get a little more comfortable with working, I’ll be able to post a little more regularly again) – I’m thankful for you guys!  You are the reason that this is a blog and not just an online journal.  I hope that today not only are you blessed beyond your wildest imaginings, but that you’re able to see those blessings and see them working in your life.

From our family to yours, from this Spiral Charmed Home to yours,

Happy Thanksgiving


BB Lea Sig Purp

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