Changes and goings away

So, this may be my last blog for a little while.  Or I may start blogging more often.  I don’t know yet.  You see, despite the time I’ve enjoyed staying home, I just can’t justify it any longer.  There is no one and nothing for me to tend to here, and extra income will help our family reach our goals more quickly and more easily.  So, starting on Wednesday, I will be gainfully employed.  It’s just fast food, but I’ll be working with and for my best friend, so it works.  Of course, I said Wednesday.  That’s because this weekend, Sir Joshimus and I will be driving down to Miami to say final goodbyes to his grandmother.  She has made her journey to join her husband on the other side.  So when we come back, I’ll start working.  I’m terrified and I don’t want to do it.  But I will.  And I’ll do my best at it.  So until next time, darlins.


BB Lea Sig Purp

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