Do you know how blessed you are?

I do.  I forget sometimes, when stress hits me and I am swamped under.  But then, some days, I get a beautiful reminder.  Like today.  My Momma was, once again, a lifesaver for Sir Joshimus and I.  You see, Buttercup had a flat.  AFTER we had spent all of our money on shopping and other maintenance for our two-wheeled honey.  And I had a meltdown.  It happens.  I spent a lot of time praying for strength and courage.

And, as I should have known, my Momma came through.  And my best friend, Ms. Becca, came through, giving Sir Joshimus rides to work (either her or her bf, Mikasaurus).  So he hasn’t missed any work and the tire will be in by Friday, meaning we’ll get it switched Saturday.  Considering that the tire went flat on Monday, that’s not a bad turn around, considering that the tire has to be ordered.

Most people in our shoes would have been screwed.  Completely.  But we are blessed to have friends and family to act as our safety net.  More than that, we have family that offer emotional support – which can be every bit as important when we have something pop up.  Now, I have been very selective about those who I allow to stay in my life – people who bring more to my life, in the sense of love more than things any day – so not everyone in my family is of blood relation to my husband or me.

But it gets even better.  I got a message on Facebook from a woman near Montgomery who hosts a monthly potluck for Pagan families – and she’s invited Sir Joshimus and I to the next dinner!  I’m so excited about meeting others that I’ve been dancing on air since I talked to her.  I have not been involved in an actual community in six years and it’s been on my heart to be involved, to be of service where I can and need to be.  So to say that this is an exciting – and mildly terrifying – first step might be a slight understatement.  Every time I have come into new Pagan communities, it has been as an outsider who knew no one, so I should have practice at this.  I’m still going to be running on nerves, but at least this time I won’t be completely by myself.  Sir Joshimus will, of course, be coming with us.  And Ms. Becca is interested in going, as well.

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone, and I’m looking forward to what I can do for this community.  I want the comfort and security of being part of a community again, so I don’t want to make you think I’m being completely selfless – or make you think I am trying to make you think I’m selfless.  Community is about by-play.  But what I can do, how I can be of service, is every bit as important to me as what I’ll get back from them.  But I figure putting up with my weird – and my husband’s and possibly my best friend’s – would be a first great step for them.  😉

Acknowledging your blessings is as important as recognizing them.  I’m not bragging about my blessings.  I’m simply acknowledging them and sharing my joy in them.


Please, let me know what you think!

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