I meant to post yesterday…

I haven’t done an actual Spiritual Saturday in a while.  And yesterday I planned to do one, even had started working it up in my head.  And then yesterday afternoon, it all went out of my mind when our internet went out.  This has been an increasing problem with Charter (big surprise, right?) and it culminated in our internet being out until some time this morning.  I know that it was back early this morning because I was awake early this morning.  Because our air conditioner also went out last night.  It was only a million degrees and I couldn’t sleep.  So, needless to say, I didn’t get much of anything done yesterday.  Except trail mix.  YUM.

These last couple of weeks I’ve been obsessed with trail mix.  I like something healthy that I can snack on throughout the day and there’s just something about peanuts and banana chips that make me happy.  But the premixed bags of trail mix are ridiculously expensive and I’ve only found one that had everything I wanted in it and that was a random find at Aldi’s, which is too far away for regular visits.  And, again, ridiculously expensive.  So, I got clever.  We bought the makings for our perfect trail mix – all the ingredients cost less than two bags of any of the other kinds we’ve tried – and we ended up making more than twice as much.  We mixed it all up and tried the first bite…and it was awful.

I mean AWFUL.

Come to find out, our peanuts were raw.  RAW.  I’ve never even heard of such being sold with other nuts that were already cooked.  It didn’t make any sense.  Then I remembered where we actually found these peanuts.  In the baking section.  Duh.  So we spent about 15 minutes picking the peanuts out of our trail mix and we tossed them int the oven to roast.  We pulled them out and mixed them again.  And now perfection!  I’m so happy with this I could dance.  Instead I’m going to try to not be a complete pig and see if this batch lasts us longer than a week!  The good news is, even if it doesn’t, it’s only $10 to mix a new batch.

So, instead of a Spiritual Saturday post this week, you get a Sunday catch up.  I’m feeling better than I have this past week and hope that whatever bug I had is passed.  Now, I’m going to go play Diablo with my hubby and hope that next week is a better week.  Here’s hoping yours is, too, whether last week was good or bad.


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