Calling All Weirdos!!

What?  No good?  I’ve spent the past few days trying to think of a good, catchy name to put out there to get people’s attention for a gathering that Sir Joshimus Rex and I want to start.  Because it has to have a good, catchy name, right?  Otherwise, how will people want to know they want to come?  My intentions were to open our home to like-minded people to get together, share good food and good conversation, and not feel so alone.  Not just Pagans – though that is an obvious demographic – but anyone who finds they don’t fit into the mold of Christianity as modeled by churches in this area, Christians like my husband included.  There isn’t exactly an easy name for that.

So, here’s an explanation of who we are and for what we are looking.  I am an Irish polytheist and my husband is an atypical Christian.  We are both Reiki masters, though, in all honesty, it has been some time since we have practiced our art and I, at least, am not a teacher.  We believe in the interconnectedness of all life, all people, and that is far more important than what God(s)/dess(es) someone does or does not worship or even believe in.  We do celebrate the turning of the year, primarily the solstices, Beltain, and Samhain, but I am no priestess nor ceremonial magician, so our holiday rituals are simple and small.  But still, if you are wanting fellowship with people who look at the world a little differently than the norm, if you want to celebrate the changing of the year and make friends, then we welcome you to join us.

We are located in Shelby county, Alabama and we’d be willing to travel anywhere within Shelby, Bibb, or Chilton counties (and possibly other places if they aren’t too, too far out).  And if you are willing to make the drive, then you are welcome, wherever you may be located.  We do live in an apartment, but we have a nice yard with a lovely view.  Or we’d be willing to meet somewhere else – we have a great park here in town and a nice coffee shop, too, or somewhere closer to where you live.  It’s not about where, it’s about who – about making connections to people around us, and possibly helping them make connections to one another, as well.  It’s ambitious, and maybe a little presumptuous, but it’s a calling Sir Joshimus and I have had laid on our hearts for nearly four years now.  Even we can only be so stubborn before we give way to the commands of our various Gods…and a few kicks in the behind from friends and family to do what we know we need to do (thank each of you for your much-needed and welcome words!).

So if you are interested in getting together, leave me a comment here or on my Facebook page.  While we could work on week day evenings, Saturday or Sunday is far more likely.  Hopefully we’ll get some interest.  If we don’t, then at least I have opened the door for those who might be looking so they know they aren’t alone.


Please, let me know what you think!

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