Three blessings a day

So over on Facebook, my sister-in-law (known around the blog and my every day life as Sis) challenged me to three blessings a day for five days.  When I first saw it, I thought it was interesting and agreed to do it, moving it from my personal page to SCL’s page.  If you haven’t seen it, please go check it out.  But this morning I woke up and remembered that I had agreed to do it and decided to go ahead and get it taken care of this morning as Sir Joshimus and I were starting our morning.  And this morning, I felt differently about it.

This morning, for some reason, this challenge really reached out and touched me.  I don’t want to say that yesterday, with my first post, that I was flippant, because I try to never be flippant when it comes to my blessings or things that I’m thankful for – I always try to be as genuine with you guys as I can be.  But my first three blessings were, I guess, obvious ones – my husband, my Gods, and my family.  Those three things can never be understated when it comes to the blessings I’m most thankful for because they are the core of my life and I try to live consciously and part of that is giving the best of myself to those three blessings, in that order.

Which reminds me – I might just have to write something up about the fact that my husband and our marriage comes before my Gods, and They are completely okay with that.  But that’s a discussion for another time.

But this morning, I had to dig deeper to put words to the blessings that I live with every day.  I try to always take time to be thankful for the life I live, to be aware of the blessings that shower over me daily.  But there is a vast difference between acknowledging that you lead a blessed, charmed, life and actually putting words to what those blessings are.  It’s difficult because it is such an inherent part of my life that I feel like I’m searching for something to write.  And yet, once I begin to explain it, it’s hard to stop at only three. I mean, how do you pick three things in a life that fills you with joy, even as you move through the struggles that we all encounter from time to time – especially at a time where it feels like the few troubles you are having are little more than milk on the counter?

So this morning, I sat for a long moment looking at the computer screen, and then back to my beloved as we were drinking our morning coffee, before I started typing.  And as I shared my three blessings this morning, I felt the kind of deep thankfulness that I sometimes forget when things are going well.  I take time every day to think of the wonder of my life, but it is a very deliberate gratitude; so while it is genuine, heartfelt awareness, it is more…cerebral, I guess.  This morning, I felt it reach into my heart and pull out that deep gratitude that we usually feel when things are at their worst and one of those big blessings in life come through for us.  It moved from a mental thankfulness to a purely emotional, heart-in-your-throat gratitude that moved me beyond words for a long moment after Joshimus Rex left for work.

Sometimes we take on tasks for the fun of it or for reasons that are light-hearted and usually very surface reasons.  And sometimes those tasks surprise us by their depth and breadth that comes from nowhere and teaches us a lesson – or reminds us of a lesson – that we much-needed to learn.  So I’m going to add an extra blessing today – small things that become big things and touch our hearts unexpectedly.


Please, let me know what you think!

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