Hallelujah, I got to ride today!

It is the fifth of July, y’all.  And it feels wonderful outside.  When we got up this morning it was 73F outside.  We had something we had to do this morning and by the time we got back to town it was nearly 1pm.  We grabbed some quick lunch and we took a ride. Today was the perfect day to ride, and I needed it.  We haven’t been riding much lately, with Sir Joshimus adjusting to a new position and me keeping the babies, so we were both stoked to have a chance to ride again.

We headed out from Alabaster to Helena.  Now, Helena is one of our favorite towns to ride through, absolutely.  It’s one of the prettiest towns in this area – not to discount our own awesome town, but Helena is pretty awesome.  But there was one road we’d never taken through Helena, so we decided to try it today.  I almost didn’t get video of the ride; I took the camera to finally get some shots in, and forgot to check the batteries before we left.  -_-  I could have kicked myself.  But the road was fairly low speed, so I took video with my phone.  Yes, we will be having Wordless Wednesday next week!

But the road we took led away from Alabaster and into the woods; I think those will always be our favorite places to drive, with hills and curves and shady trees.  And I actually got video going down the road…all the way until we had to turn around!  You see, the road goes all the way around, but it turns into a gravel road through the trees.  Nope.  Nopenopenope.  I’m not doing several miles on a bike.  Nope.

So we turned around and took an old favorite home.  Since Helena is one of our favorite towns, one of our favorite roads is Hwy 17 that connects Helena, Maylene, and Montevallo.  It really is our “go to” road when we want a short trip or we have to go up to Alabaster/Pehlam.  It’s a wonderfully shaded, mostly rural, road that is just a really nice ride.  There are other rides that are prettier, cooler, longer, but if we have plans (like we did today) and just want a quick ride before we have to be somewhere, it’s perfect.

As promised, there will be video.  I’ll probably do it Tuesday night, since Joshimus Rex has another week of overnights.  But it serves as a countdown to our trip to Texas!  So excited about meeting our newest sweetheart and seeing my brother and his family again.  Don’t tell him, since I don’t want him getting too big for his britches – my poor sister-in-law would be the one that had to live with that.  😛  Can you tell I love my brother?  I really miss him, so I’m doubly looking forward to going to see them.

Well, that’s all I’ve got time for now.  Nikki and the kids are coming over to hang out tonight.  We’re making homemade pizza (per Nikki’s request), so it’s going to be an awesome night.  I love feeding people!  More, I love watching them really enjoy my cooking.  I never imagined I’d be that lady.  But I’m actually really content with that place.  My house is clean and my kitchen is ready to feed a couple of ravenous toddlers and a couple more knunkie heads (knuckle heads).  So, I hope you all having days that can compare to the beauty of this day.


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