We’ve got some good news!!

So, Sir Joshimus has been working the same job at Walmart for three years.  No, we aren’t fans of Walmart, but it pays the bills, gives us health insurance and, when we’re ready to move, will give us the ability to do so with a job where we’re headed (ish).  And, unfortunately, most of the other places around here that might give us that ability either expect you to start from the bottom (Publix) or aren’t hiring at the moment.  So we make do with what we have and make the best of it.  But Joshimus Rex started applying for new positions within his store.  His plan had been from day one to work his way up – he’s managed before and he’s better with people than I used to be!  (and once upon a time, that was pretty impressive)

Well, we found out some great news a few days ago, but I was waiting until it was official before I announced it.  Sir Joshimus has a new position!  It’s a lateral move, rather than an advancement…technically.  There won’t be a higher pay rate.  But that’s where the similarities end!  You see, as a CSM, the best we could hope for was occasionally hitting 40 hours a week, usually around the holidays.  And possibly getting two days off in a row once every couple of months.  Now, he will be working 40 hours a week (which is nearly a full day’s worth of work more a paycheck more than what we’ve been averaging lately) and he will always have two days off in a row.  SATURDAY AND SUNDAY.

Now, this is far more awesome than most people can understand.  Joshimus Rex and I will be celebrating 9 years together this fall.  Nine years.  Wrap your head around that for a moment.  Anyway, 9 years together.  He got a job a few months into our relationship and has had one since.  And in that time, he has NEVER had Saturday and Sunday off.  In Hattiesburg, he only had one day off a week, so he was working half days on Saturday and was off on Sundays.  In Chicago and now in Alabama, having a Saturday and Sunday off in the same week has usually required us taking vacation.  So we are both THRILLED.

And it’s even more amusing to us – Walmart’s work week starts on Saturday.  Which means Sir Joshimus’s first two days of being a department manager….he’ll be off.  When he called to tell me on his lunch just a bit ago, I couldn’t help but laugh.  This is something we’ve both been looking forward to – and something we were both at least a little worried about (admittedly I was more so than Joshimus Rex, who rarely worries about much).  I worried that the only way he was going to be able to move out of the CSM position would be to move stores, and there aren’t many stores around here that we are comfortable with and that he wanted to work at (though he still put in apps to the ones he wasn’t keen on).

But it gets even better.  Sir Joshimus told me about his interview when he had it the other day, as we discussed the possibility that he’d get the job after his interview (he’s had another interview at another store where the manager basically told him before he interviewed that he wouldn’t be getting the job…they might have butted heads).  He said he went in for the interview and the manager was excited that he was interested in the position.  You see, Sir Joshimus, rightly, has a hell of a positive reputation.  He’s one of the hardest working people I know, and people at his store know that if they need something from him, it will get done.  And done right.  He found out the very next day that he was getting the position.  I was just waiting for it to be official before I shared it with you guys.

So, he isn’t technically making more money, though he will be bringing home more money on average.  And for the first time since we lived in Hattiesburg, we’re going to have a normalized schedule, which includes actual weekends off.  I’m beyond thrilled.  And I am so proud of my husband.  I know there are some people who look at our situation and look down.  But we have a great home.  We have what we need and more than a little of what we want.  And, importantly to the two of us, I am home.  So, there’s our good news and I’m glad that I’ve gotten to share it with you!  I hope you and yours are as blessed as we are.


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