Joy in Patience

So, I’m waiting on the videos I shot yesterday to upload so that I can start cutting them together for tomorrow’s Wordless Wednesday.  But I had a realization yesterday as we rode (I get lots of those sitting on Buttercup’s broad back), so I thought I’d share it with you.

So, I’ve been trying to focus most of my writings around joy lately – a little to help you guys understand why I’m posting my Wordless Wednesday posts, a little to help myself remember, but mostly because joy is at the heart of my faith.  And if I can help you find joy, help you remember your own joy, then how can I not talk about it and share?  And yeah, that includes sharing my struggles so that maybe you can realize, no matter how bad it gets, there is joy.  And no matter how joyful someone’s outlook, there are struggles.  I want to give you guys hope.  And I have plenty of joy to go around.  Joy, like love, grows in the sharing, not shrinks.

So, as I said, during our ride yesterday, I had a revelation about joy in regards to patience.  Now, I’ve never been a very patient person.  Ever.  Don’t believe me?  Ask, my Momma.  So my life has been a series of lessons in patience, and I’m just glad there hasn’t been a test yet. -_-  But I have gotten better.  I have become more accepting of having to wait for what I want and finding things to fulfill me while I must.  But yesterday, as we traveled down a road we’d not been far down before, I realized that it’s more than just learning to be patient.  It’s learning to be joyful in your patience.  It’s taking a look at where you are while you wait and being thankful.

Watermarked Photo

I realized this because it struck me yesterday.  We live in a fucking beautiful part of the world. I know you’ve seen it in the videos, but there is so much more that the camera just can’t translate – so much more that is missed by the camera because I turn my head and forget to turn it, too.  We’ll ride down a road thick with trees, the smell of life heady.  Right now, the jasmine is blooming, and the scent is nearly overwhelming.  And then suddenly we’ll take a curve and the entire world will open up before us in rolling hills and dramatic overlooks before we’re plunged back into the beauty of the woods.

No, we’re not in our mountains, where we so long to be.  But we have friends we love and love us in return.  We have a nice home to live in, even if we can’t have pets or a garden.  And we live in a beautiful part of the world.  We could be stuck back in Chicago, or some other large city, surrounded by concrete and steel.  That existence ate away at my soul the two years we lived in Bridgeport and I’d be a tattered mess by now if we were still stuck there.  But instead, we live in a small town, surrounded by the kind of beauty I was lucky enough to grow up with – and because of that, too blind to really see until I didn’t have it any longer.

No, I’m not currently living my rural dream.  We live in an apartment, in town.  But I have a backyard that spills into a field that stretches on forever and is one of the most beautiful views ever.  It takes us less than five minutes to get out-of-town and into the middle of nowhere, and all the beauty that comes with it.  There are more than enough curvy back roads to soothe our souls.  I wouldn’t trade this time for anything, these experience for anything, until we get where we’re going.

So I leave you with a song, and maybe a little joy.  And keep your eyes out for tomorrow’s Wordless Wednesday!


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