A new job, a new chance

So, yesterday I started a new job. Okay, it isn’t really new, just newly made a job.  I’ll be keeping my friends’ two fabulous kids on a full-time basis while their moms work.  The new part, other than the near daily hours, is that it’ll pay.  Truth to tell, I’d keep these two kids without pay – I love them as much as I love their moms and count myself lucky to be among the people allowed to be their family.  But the extra $300 a month will go a LONG way to getting our bills paid off.  We should be able to pay the scooter off as early as Feb!  Can you even fathom?  I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around it, and I’ve been busting ass to figure out how to get it paid off as soon as possible anyway.

Which means that we will be completely debt-free by next summer, rather than my attempt to just have the scooter paid off by then.  We are already completely paid off of our Walmart credit card and it is going to be put into a drawer.  The interest on it is so ridiculously high that it isn’t even worth using.  But, hey, it’s still an open line of credit, so we’ll be keeping it.  Just not using it.  *gives herself and Sir Joshimus a hard look*  Every time we get close to getting paid off, something else comes up and screws us up.  But now, we’ll have a cushion.  Even if it does take us a little longer than Feb to pay off Buttercup, we’ll now have an additional $300 a month cushion.  That feeling is nearly overwhelming.

I have to thank my lovelies for this chance.  I know it helps them, but it helps me.  It gives me a sense of purpose – because there’s nothing like a couple of toddlers to keep you on your toes – and it gives us some added income that will go a long way for us.  No, it isn’t a cake walk, but taking care of kids is something I’m good at and really enjoy doing – hell, it was my first job!  And these two make it hardly feel like work, even at their grouchiest.  And I’m ridiculously happy about all of this.  I love it, and I love these kids.  I’m really looking forward to spending this time with them.


Please, let me know what you think!

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