Comedy of Errors

So, today’s ride started off as a comedy of errors – and by comedy I mean black comedy, the kind that isn’t so much funny as painful.  We went out and it looked like the rain had blown over.  As you can see from the pics I posted before we left, it was still overcast, but we were seeing patches of blue sky.  So we headed down 10 to get to 22 so I could get some shots of the overlooks we discovered the other day.  Well, we didn’t even get very far out of town before I looked down and…Internal memory is full.  What. The. Hell?  It has 7 pictures and a 16 second video on it!!  I KNOW my memory card can hold more than that, damn it!  But we’re headed down the road at around 45 mph, so not much I could do.  Besides….is that rain?!

Yes, yes it was.  Not a quick little drizzle either.  A lovely April soaker, and we were halfway through our planned round trip, so we were getting wet.  But that’s okay, because I have a rain jacket!  Except, oh, gee, apparently after ten years, it isn’t so waterproof anymore!  (note to self, get some scotch guard or something to fix my beloved jacket!!)  And, of course, because we’re on one of the roads in the middle of nowhere, there isn’t exactly a nice gas station to pull off and wait out the rain.  Don’t misunderstand – we weren’t riding in driving, dangerous conditions – we’d have stopped on the side of the road and just sat in the rain if it was dangerous.  No, it was just inconvenient for my raincoat to not stop the rain.  All of a sudden.  Okay, so maybe it’s the first time I’ve been in real rain in it in years.  I don’t tend to spend much time in the rain.  Or at least I didn’t before.

Finally, though, we made it to Joe’s Italian Crossroads Cafe.  And it. was. AWESOME.  Now, this is branched off from mine and Sir Joshimus’s favorite Italian place here, Joe’s Italian in Alabaster.  Real Italian food by a real Italian family (RIP, Papa Joe).  LOVE IT.  So when we first saw the Crossroads Cafe, we knew we’d have to stop in.  For those who don’t know, tomorrow is Sir Joshimus’s birthday and he’ll be THIRTY.  (which is insane since he was 21 when we first got together)  We’re planning on taking a ride up Hwy 11, so we won’t be in the area tomorrow, so we decided we’d go get some Joe’s today.  Check SCL’s Facebook page for pics of our awesome meal.  Which included eggplant parmigiana (which I always get) on a SAMMICH.  OMG.  We’re also currently pigging out on strawberry cake and tiramisu from Joe’s, since they didn’t has no cannolis – which made me very sad because, as much as I love tiramisu, nothing compares to cannolis.

Anyway, so back to the comedy of errors – because there was nothing in error about Joe’s.  So we leave and it is GORGEOUS out.  The clouds have all moved off south of us and the sky is that gorgeous rich blue that it only manages after a spring rain, the light is perfect, and we’ve mostly dried out.  So we decide we’re going to try again to get that footage I promised y’all.  We’d head out.  I snap a few pictures.  And then I flip over to start filming and…you guessed it….Internal memory is full.  Finally it dawned on me – internal memory.  Had I remembered to pull the SD card out of the computer after the last time I downloaded?  So I slip the case open (a one-handed operation, as it sits on the side beneath the clickerater button) and sure enough, no memory card poking out.  We were near one of the turns to head home that Sir Joshimus and I often take, so I gave him the signal to make the turn for home.  When we slowed at the turn, I flipped up my visor and updated himself on what was going on.

And he was judging so loud, I could hear it without him saying a word.  Of course, when I called him on it, he shouted back that he was only smirking loudly, thank me very much, and that wasn’t at all the same thing.  I could have kicked myself, too, because the light was that perfect light you get on some early evenings in the spring.  I’m really hoping that I can find the cord to pull the pictures off my camera for you guys (yes, all 7 of them) and hope they came out as good as the light looked.  Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated.

But it was too perfect of a day for me to come back with NOTHING.  Besides, tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday, and I’d much rather cut you guys a video tonight than to try to get it done tomorrow night after we get back from our ride.  So we came home and I grabbed my SD card (and another jacket, as it was a little too chilly without any jacket at all) and we headed back out.  And I did something that, for some odd reason, hasn’t occurred to me before.  I took video of our hometown.  Which is crazy, because we LOVE Monte Town.  It’s GREAT.  We’d pick it up and take it with us when we finally moved to the mountains if we could.  So look for a new video tomorrow!  It will be awesome.

Please, let me know what you think!

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