I owe you an update!

So, now that it’s almost a month later, it’s about time I updated you on our trip to Mississippi!  We took the usually 4 hour trip to my hometown last month on the scooter.  And it was a long. freaking. trip.  And once we hit Mississippi, it was freaking HOT.  But then again, it was only October in Mississippi.  We were exhausted after 7 hours on the road.  But we learned that it isn’t too bad on the interstate on the scooter.  Okay, sometimes it was, but not for the most part.  But it’s definitely not four wheels.But we made it to Hattie’s Town in one piece and to my Momma and Daddy’s house.  We watched our dear friend and the hubs’ best man from our wedding get married to a beautiful woman that we’re looking forward to getting to know.  We spent SO much time with my parents.  We visited everyone we could possibly think of.  And we had a BLAST doing it.  It was much-needed time with the people that we love and miss from living in Hattiesburg.  But do you know what?  I was SO happy to come home again.  I think our lives would be easier if we moved back to Hattiesburg, and I know that I’d love being near family and friends that we don’t see like we used to.

But if anything, or trip home only reaffirmed the decision we made five years ago to leave.  I LOVE Hattiesburg.  South Mississippi is one of the most beautiful parts of this country that I’ve ever seen.  And I’ve currently seen a third of this country, as well as bits and pieces of five other countries.  But it’s not where I belong any longer.  And despite the cold on our way home, and the equally long trip back, we had a great time.  Even the trip was great.  And I’m STILL addicted to being on the scooter.  I haven’t really been on it much since we’ve been home – the few places I’ve gone have been with our friends in their vehicles – and I’m thinking that if we finish our shopping and such early enough tomorrow, Joshwa is taking me for a ride.

Now, I know, that was a paltry update.  Well, I haven’t done much since we’ve come home – except fall in love with the CUTEST boxer puppy.  But that’s beside the point.  I’ve been spending a lot of time in my head lately again.  We know how that goes.  I’m getting restless again.  I’m hoping that it will pass as we’ve agreed to stay in Montevallo another two years.  I’m also suffering from severe baby fever.  This is compounded by the fact that we found out my brother and sister-in-law’s child is going to be a little girl!  We’re looking forward to our newest niece joining us some time in March.  Unless you’re new here, you know that we’ve struggled with fertility issues from pretty much day one of us trying.  We decided recently to take a step back and just be us.  And we’ve had a blast.  But at the end of the day, I can only distract myself so much from the fact that I want to be a mother.

So what are we doing about it?  Nothing.  But we have started the long journey of smoking cessation again.  We quit for two years – and for me this blog was a huge part of it.  I was able to put my thoughts and pent-up frustrations into words.  So, here’s hoping that we can quit for another two years – and another two years after that, and another two years after that.  I need something to focus on, so I’m hoping this gives me what I need.  And I hope that all of this helps ease my itching feet at least until spring, since we won’t even be taking a trip until then.  And maybe we’ll hop on the scooter in the new few days and just drive until we’re tired of driving.



BB, Lea

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