We got it!

Take a look at this beauty!


Thanks to so much help from my Momma and Daddy – and my father-in-law whose help allowed us to pay off all of one and most of another credit card so we could afford this expense – we got to bring her home today.  I’m glad to say that riding isn’t as hard as I was afraid it was going to be – though I still need to work on turns (going too slowly through the turns for the heavy front end).  I did have my first wipeout, but luckily I was only going about 2 mph.  Josh, on the other hand, looks like a natural.  Okay, so there were a few moments coming home where I was worried because of a bit of wobble, but he looked great driving it home.


It rides smoothly and it isn’t overly heavy – one of the pro’s of going with a scooter over a motorcycle.  But I’m learning that my careful nature may not be the best way of approaching riding (though a heedless, headlong dive into it definitely isn’t the best route, either!).  So lots of riding through our little neighborhood until we both get comfortable on it.  The one thing that’s going to drive me crazy is that it’s going to be a little bit before we can ride two up.  First of all, so that we can each get used to riding alone before we try the much more difficult task of going double.  But also, because the scooter is brand-spanking new, it needs some riding to get the engine going and work out the factory oil.  Our first maintenance is at 500 miles, and after that Matthew – the awesome salesman/mechanic at Max Motorsports – said we could start working on riding two up.  I’m looking forward to it, not just so we can go places, but so that we can experience riding together.


I have heard most of my life what a thrill it is to ride.  I rode a couple of times in high school on the back of a friend’s dirt bike, but that’s nothing compared to driving this.  (granted, her bike was also only a 250, if memory serves me)  This, I wasn’t even going much above 20 while I get my feet wet, and it was exhilarating!  I’m looking forward to when we are able to go and ride together, do the traveling we’ve both so been missing.  But not to worry, we aren’t rushing.  Hell, we only rode for a couple of hours today – though the weather had a lot to do with that.  I’m glad I never got a bike or a scoot when I was in college/first out on my own, because I’d have hurt myself.  I’d have dived in head first and not been as careful as I should be.


We will be blessing our scoot – which shouldn’t surprise any of you who read this blog or know anything about me – but I’ve already relocated my guardian angel to the scooter.  The angel was given to me by my Momma when I got my first car, a 1993 Buick Century nicknamed “the Maroon Machine”.  (what, I’m an Aggie and maroon was our color, as well as the color of my boat – er, Buick)  It moved to the Jimmy when I traded my Buick in.  And now, it’ll ride on the scoot with us.  I’m not entirely sure about where we’re going to put it for now – it’s riding in the front center console (small, for like your wallet and phone) – but the scooter isn’t going without it.  But there are other blessings to be performed for protection, especially since it will be Joshwa’s main vehicle to and from work, and I’m a worrywort.

So keep praying – because we always need it and now will be no exception.  But we got her and have her home, so now we can take the time we need to get used to riding and hopefully without too many mishaps.  Now, we’re searching for a name for her – and yes, it’s a her.  No, I don’t think it’s sexist, I think it’s safer for a vehicle to be female.  I mean, have you seen how guys drive?!  Once she has been given a name, I’ll let y’all know.  ^__~  Until then, as always,

BB, Lea

2 thoughts on “We got it!

  1. The engine is way too powerful for this scooter. If you wide open throttle it (WOT) out of the box, something IS going to bust. There is a “break-in” period on this scooter, you need to ride it well below 20mph for about 3-4 tanks of fuel, and NEVER WOT during this “break-in” period.Other things to remember about this scooter:- The bars have a tendency to become wobbly. If this happens, simply hand tighten the large washer on the bottom of the handlebars, where the handlebar pole connects to the frame.- Always mix gas & oil as exactly as you can, as described in the owner’s manual. Too lean (not enough oil) or to rich (too much oil) will ruin the engine.- After you break in the engine (like I described earlier), have a professional small engines shop tune the carb for you. This will offer the most power and efficiency for the altitude and climate you live in. Be sure to tell them what gas/oil mixture you are running through it so they can tune the carb accordingly.- Always be sure to keep the chain well lubed and at a proper tension. To adjust the chain, loosen two matching nuts under the engine on the right side, the engine will move up/down and that will tighten/loosen the chain. Once the chain is adjusted to your liking, fully tighten the two nuts back up.- Periodically check all nuts and bolts to make sure they are nice and tight. Use threadlocker on any bolts you feel necessary.- And last but not least, keep the engine (and the rest of the scooter) clean! Use a damp rag to wipe it down and a dry rag to dry it after riding in rough conditions. Keeping the scooter clean will prevent dirt from coming off and catching in the chain.One last word of advice, never WOT this scooter for any long period of time. The engine on this beast is much too powerful for the scooter itself, and something will go wrong if you WOT for long periods of time.If proper care is taken, riding this thing is a freaking blast. It’s the ultimate thrill ride.

    • I’m not sure what chain you’re talking about on the engine, but we’ve already had the first maintenance done on the scooter. We (and by that, I mean my husband) took it really easy for the first 600 miles, and still it only occasionally has to pull more weight – ie me on the back. We’ve never taken it wide open – him by himself or with me on the back. We’ve gotten it up around 70, but according to him, you can feel that it will go further.

      I’m not sure what you mean by the motor being too much for the scooter. It seems to be well balanced and our scooter guy (because we bought from a man that only does scooters, not other bikes and equipment) hasn’t given us such warnings. But I’ll take your advice into consideration. And I do appreciate it.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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