Definitely in need of some prayers!

So, for the last year we’ve been a one-car-two-home family with my best friend – and more recently, her boyfriend – and it has been HARD.  Becca’s van is older and it isn’t in the best shape (though not bad considering it cost her less than $700) and with three jobs, it has had to work even harder.  We’ve put nearly 3,000 miles on it in a month and a half just making trips from our town to the next town where Joshwa, Becca, and her boyfriend work and where we do a majority of our shopping.  Now, from our house to Walmart is 13.4 miles.  Less than 30 miles round trip – not bad.  And Becca and her man work at Zaxby’s, which is even closer.  The problem?  We’re usually making at least two trips to town and back a DAY.  Six to seven days a week.  That is a LOT of wear and tear on a vehicle, especially an older one.

So, I told you that we recently sold our 2000 GMC Jimmy – a very sad day for my sentimental self, even if the Jimmy had been out-of-order for most of the last year.  And I told you that we were planning on getting a scooter at the first of the year.  Well, that was until we got new tires on Becca’s van.  But new tires are a good thing! I hear you saying.  Well, it was, a very good thing.  But Becca and Josh noticed that the front wheel was shimmying, and it only continued to get worse.  She took it back to Walmart, where she got the tires and they told her it just needed an alignment, something they don’t cover.  So she went today to get an alignment done.  And after them tugging on the wheel to check how bad it was, the tie rod SNAPPED.  Apparently, the tie rod had been damaged for a while, and was getting bent and pushed in all sorts of directions.  That, along with how badly the front end needed to be aligned, if Becca hadn’t taken the van in when she did, there would have been catastrophic failure, with my best friend, her boyfriend, like my husband, and possibly myself in the van.  It could have been BAD.

So, I called and talked to my Momma about her possibly co-signing on our scooter, in case my credit isn’t good enough.  Because we need a second vehicle, to put less wear and tear on the van and in case something else happens to the van.  Well, after some talking, she and Daddy are going to be sending our Christmas money early.  Have I mentioned how blessed I am to have my parents to help us?  Because we are.  Totally blessed.

So instead of getting our scooter by the first of the year, we’ll have it by next Thursday.  I’m a little wary, as we haven’t been able to get either of us into a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course – it’s $200 each – but we will get in by the first of the year.  There are, of course, expenses like getting our helmets and our licenses, but we’ll be able to use the money from the sell of the Jimmy to pay for at least part of that.  Money’s going to be a little tighter than I had hoped for the next few months until we get credit cards finished off ($400 left on the Walmart card, but I think we’ll be able to make an appreciable dent in that despite needing to get the scooter early).  But I’m hopeful.  I believe in our ability to live within our means and I must have faith that we’re doing the right thing.

There’s a lot of other stuff going on right now, something big that needs its own blog post, because my little brother and his news deserves to have a spotlight.  But this is what is on my heart and mind at the moment, getting us a mode of transportation and setting the wheels figuratively and literally in motion.  So please pray for us.  And, if you can spare some cash, hit the donate button there on the right.  (what can I say, I’m shameless)

BB, Lea

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