Hey, an update!

So things are going around here – the most fabulous part of life is the fact that when you get stuck somewhere, life keeps going.  Cause if you don’t keep going, things obviously won’t get any better, right?

I started to write a brief little update on my FB page with a promise to update my blog later.  And then I started typing and I got down to the second paragraph and just stopped and asked myself, “why don’t I just blog all this? duh!”  So here you go – an update on what’s been going on at my house lately!  We’re selling our Jimmy; as in, waiting for the company to tell us when they’re coming to get it.  It’s really sad for me, because we’ve had that truck as long as we’ve been together (8 years!), so it has a lot of sentimental value.  But, it doesn’t work.  It would cost more to fix it than was worth it.  So we’re selling it and paying off our credit card debt (thanks to my awesome Dad-in-law) and after we’ve taken a motorcycle safety foundation course, we’re going to buy a scooter!  Not like a small one that maxes out at 60 – 500cc so it’s interstate rated.

I’m psyched.  I had never put much thought to scooters until my best friend, Becca, bent my ear about wanting one.  Then I started doing research.  And then I found BLOGS.  People talking about riding and the freedom of it.  And the GAS MILEAGE.  So we’re going to do it.  The other day Becca and I actually went out to have a look at scooters, so I could get a good idea of size.  Because I’m 6’1″ – just because they show a girl on a scooter comfortably doesn’t mean it has any bearing on ME, lol.  I had to go and sit on the machines myself.  So out we went.  We stopped by one place and while the sales man was a good guy that had me leaving feeling pretty good about a machine I wasn’t psyched about, he didn’t really know anything about scooters.

And then we went to Max Motorsports in Pelham, AL and met Matthew Myers.  Matthew has been riding and working on scooters for YEARS.  He is a scooter guy.  And he talked to us – two girls – about scooters and really listened to our needs and helped us find two scooters that we each loved.  Different ones, because I’m 6’1″, but she’s only 5’4″.  But he took us around and let us look at and sit on different scooters to get a feel for them.  I walked out of there feeling confident about the scooter I decided was probably the right one for Joshwa and I (though obviously, final decision will have to wait until he can look it over and try it out, too) and feeling good about where we’re buying it from.  Bubba put it best when she said, “we aren’t just buying the scooters, we’re buying HIM” – someone who knows scooters and really wants to get people riding them.  And it’s not all about the money – though of course that has a part in it, he’s in the business to make money – and this came through as he sat talking to us for the better part of an hour.

At the end of that time, we had plans to come back, not just to let our men look at the scooters, but so that we could ride around on some of the smaller, 50cc scooters so we could all get used to driving them before we bought our scooters.  I want to COOK for that man!  And. even more so, I want my scooter!  I want to be able to get on the scooter when Josh has a day off and just DRIVE again.  And with the better gas mileage of the scooter (averaged around 65 mpg), it won’t be something that will break the bank.  I’m also looking forward to the trips to see friends and family.  Very much so.

The scooter

Whew, glad I didn’t try to put that into a FB post!  All of that to say, I know it’s a little late for “spring cleaning”, but I’m embracing the spirit of it with a mentality of “out with the old, in with the new”.  I’m hopeful about how things are going right now – getting rid of old debt and old habits (we’ve been in a hole for the better part of a year and we’ll be digging ourselves out as of August!) and feeling positive about the things that will be coming in.

And as I’m typing this, I burn the CUSS out of my fingers on a cigarette.  Yes, there are some things I still need to get rid of.  Call it work in progress.

And that is all, my lovilies.  Things are going well and looking up.  The next few months, we’ll be taking courses and getting gear, and by the beginning of the year, we’ll have a scooter.

BB, Lea

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