We need prayers for money and sanity.  Yesterday was a rough day.  We’ve been praying and trying to make it to the first of the year so we can have the needed work done on the truck.  Unfortunately, yesterday the truck started overheating and struggling.  And then, the truck wouldn’t start.  So, we decided to check the oil and…there’s water in the oil again.  Which means we’re looking at a $2K fix.  On top of the $300 it’s going to take to replace the radiator hoses.  Two months out. *sigh*

Yesterday, I was a bit of a wreck.  I don’t handle unexpected stress well – especially when we’re thisclose to getting our heads above water.  Of course, things aren’t hopeless – because Becca is next door and works right by Joshwa, she can give him rides just like he was giving her rides when her van was out of commission.  Still didn’t make it any easier yesterday when we first realized what was going on.  Luckily, we got the truck running again (just to limp it home from right down the road), so we should be able to drive it to the garage
– so we won’t have to get a tow.  Thank the Gods.

Everything that happens has a reason.  And everything we’ve faced, we’ve made it through.  I know this.  But doesn’t mean I don’t get stressed – I mean, if I got paid for worrying, we’d be loaded, lol.  So if you could just pass a few prayers this way, we’d appreciate it.  It’s going to be rough going for a little while, but we’ll overcome.  We always do.

Please, let me know what you think!

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