So I have a goal for myself – 300 posts by our 3rd anniversary.  It’s actually not too hard to do, just an average of 3 posts a week between now and then.  I can do this!  It’s just…you know…doing it.  ^_^  I’ve been working on a Spiritual Saturday post for the last nearly week.  It’ll go out next Saturday, we’ll just all pretend that I didn’t totally fail to get it out, shall we?

Do you see what time I’m awake?  It’s 6:00am here.  No, I’m not up this early, I’m up this late.  Because I’m sleeping for a handful of hours in the afternoon/evening.  I was actually on a decent schedule there for a bit, but it got all jacked.  It’s what happens when Joshwa goes from nights to days and back again.  The thing I’m looking forward to about Joshwa getting higher up in management (other than the better pay, obviously) is getting a settled schedule.  Maybe if he can get on a settled schedule, his schedule will have less negative effect on my sleep cycles.  Maybe.

So, I’m working on being around more.  Kicking myself in the butt.  ^_^  Now, I’m thinking I’m going to crawl into bed and try to go to sleep.  It’s so nice and chilly at night!  Totally worth trying to sleep just to cuddle down beneath the covers with my hubby, the chill nipping just outside.  Happy autumn. ^_^


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