Spiritual Saturday

Blessed Mabon, happy first day of autumn!  I’m excited for autumn to come, though this is the warmest day in the last week or so. *sigh* ^_^  It is also the recognized date of Pagan Pride Day (though obviously, the world doesn’t end if it happens on a different date) and yesterday was the original date of International Covered in Light Day.

It was a day first started earlier this year in support of people who cover for religious reasons (like me!) by a group of women who cover.  I’d have spoken about this sooner but, unfortunately, there were those who were more interested in nitpicking, finger-pointing, and putting down the day and after some very serious drama, the day was dropped.  It was heart breaking for me, because it was the first holiday that I’d ever heard of showing support across the board to and from men and women of all faiths (though the group that originally started it was an all women group).  The heart of the matter was that we recognized the fact that there are people who are harassed everyday for their decision to cover and/or dress modestly, particularly for religious reasons, and we wanted to take a stand to say that we support them.

There was opposition for the day pretty early on.  Some questioned our motives, some claimed we were supporting the oppression of women, and others claimed that we were “white washing” the issue (and let me say, I HATE that term – it is a racist term) despite reaching out to ALL people of ALL faiths, creeds, and skin tones.  And, in fact, it was the last issue that finally brought down ICiLD.  Let me share my opinion, as someone who STILL supports this day.  If there was already a day that supported a person’s right to CHOOSE if they want to wear religious garb (or NOT), I’d have been more than happy to celebrate then, but I had never heard of such a day.  And as for oppression?  It’s my CHOICE to cover.  It’s my CHOICE to be a housewife and (hopefully one day) a stay at home mom.  I think it’s just as oppressive for someone else to tell me I can’t do these things that I LOVE because THEY don’t agree with it.

And for the last part – the movement was in its infancy and those who were heading it up were doing all within their power, including contacting EVERYONE they could think of.  But there were some who expected the creators to contact everyone within these  people’s circles rather than taking that responsibility themselves.  One of them even proceeded to post the whole thing on her blog (I will NOT link to it) as “proof” of how stupid we were/how much of assholes we were.  I believe that this person was purposefully inflammatory on the group just to create publicity for their blog.

So, today, I wear my cover not just for myself but for every man and woman who chooses to cover for whatever reason.  I also would like to thank the beautiful women who are covering today – not because they cover, but because they are my friends.  Thank you, Alison and Amanda!


Please, let me know what you think!

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