It has FINALLY cooled off here!  I’m finally sitting with the house open for the first time since May and it’s so NICE.  I love being further south and having an actual summer again (rather than two weeks of summer surrounded by weeks of 50° weather) but it lasted too long!  I loathe air conditioning.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have air conditioning than be a melted puddle of yuck.  But I hate the way the house feels when it’s all closed up and the AC on and I hate the stale smell the house gets – no matter how many times you spray Febreeze or how many sticks of incense you light.  Now?  Now my house feels of cool breezes and smells like outside.  It’s LOVELY!

My dream house is a house built with green practices that is passively heated and cooled.  A house that, even in the height of summer, needs no AC (or at least very rarely needs AC) so that it feels and smells open most of the year.  We’re at least 5 years out from being able to buy our land (and that’s if we’ve found our place in 5 years – here’s hoping and praying!) and another 5-10 years from then before we can start building our house.  But I’ve already started researching green building designs.  I want to be ready when the time comes, lol.  I have some very specific wants for our dream house (most of which Joshwa agrees with…the rest he doesn’t really care about, lol) and I’m finding ways that it should work.  ^_^

In fact, I may do that again today to kill some time.  Joshwa is playing Skyrim and Becca’s about to go to work.  It’s a beautiful day and I’m feeling lazy (as I usually am when my Joshwa is here).  It sounds like the perfect way to spend one of the last days of summer.  Mabon, the beginning of fall, is this Friday.  I’m really looking forward to the changing of the leaves and pumpkins (I’m so making my awesome pumpkin pies again this year!) but for today, I’m going to enjoy this wonderful end of summer day.  I hope you do, as well.


2 thoughts on “Hallelujah!!!

    • It got so cool last night that it was down right CHILL. ^__^ I was sitting in my chair, fan on low (cause I’ve got to have my moving air) and had to wrap my blanket around myself because I was shivering. BEAUTIFUL. ^__^

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