A little update…

So I “came back” from sabbatical, and yet, I haven’t really come back have I?  So, here we go.  For the last month, my best friend has been living with us.  It hasn’t been the easiest – we’re three adults and, more importantly, two women living under a rather crowded roof.  I have learned two very important things in the last month.  First and foremost – I have GOT to declutter my house!  Omg, you never realize just how much JUNK you have until you have to shift it around to make room for someone for more than a few days.  My house is ridiculous.  I’ve made great strides since my days as a near-hoarder, it’s true.  But it’s not enough.  This place is HUGE compared to….well, pretty much everywhere but the house I first lived in when I moved out of my parents’ home.  And yet, I feel like the walls are closing in around me and the junk is going to cave in on my head.   Well, okay, I only feel like that on a bad day, but still.  There’s stuff in this house that I know I haven’t seen since they day we moved all our stuff in.  Seriously.  That’s ridiculous.

And second is that I’m a control freak.  I really didn’t think I had it in me, since my house always seems to be a mess.  But I am.  Letting go of the reins enough to let someone move in – even my bestest friend in the whole wide world that I’ve known for 9 years (been besties for about 8 1/2 – we didn’t get along at first, lol) – was HARD.  I stressed so much, it was ridiculous.  And when she first moved in, there were so many times I just wanted to pull my hair out.  She’s going to be surprised by this when she reads this, I hope.  She did nothing wrong and we really didn’t have any issues.  It was literally just realizing that there was someone else with decision-making powers in the house.  My husband spoils. me. rotten.  I find myself – even now – making decisions that affect all of us without even taking into account what she wants/what works for her.

See, she’s not the problem.  Totally me.  I’m working on it.  The first step (or so I tell myself from watching about AA and the like on tv ^__~) is admitting that I’m a control freak.  Hello, my name is Lea and I am a control freak.  See, I’m feeling better already.  ^__^

Other than that, seriously, things are going well.  She got a job (working at Longhorn – please believe we’re going to take advantage of that discount) and hopefully within the next couple of weeks will be able to get moved into the apartment next door.  And, most importantly, she’s happy again.  She’s been through a lot in the last several years and I’ve seen her unhappy more than I’ve seen her happy – which breaks my heart.  But she seems genuinely happy and – dare I say it – peaceful within herself.  It’s lovely to see.  ^__^

So, there’s your update.  Things are going great right now.  And I’m only looking for it to get better.


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