Whew, hard day(s)…

It’s been a hard day. In fact, it’s been a hard few days. But it’s been good days. We got my girl, Bubba’s house packed up and moved to Monty Town and now we’ve got the truck unpacked (and into a storage unit) and the truck turned in. It was a lot of work – we’ve got to do some serious culling to get rid of stuff, but it’s okay, because Joshwa and I need to do some culling, too. We’re gonna drop some stuff off at the SEA (thrift) store. It’d be better to sell because it’d be cash in-hand, but we came to the conclusion that donating it would be better than just hanging on to it. But for now, we’re done with it. Still stuff in the van and our truck, but that we can deal with a bit at a time.

We were planning on doing some drop-ins looking for jobs (for Bubba) but we were both so wiped that it just didn’t work. So she’s putting in apps online. Please say a prayer, light a candle, or whatever it is you do that she finds one quickly and that she can move in next door (or with us until she can move in next door). I know getting out on her own will go a long way to letting her get started on this next phase in her life.

And, on a completely selfish note, I love having my best friend here. I love knowing that she’ll be here with us (and where we go from here) and my babies will grow up with Aunt Bubba right there. I’m glad that we’re able to help her with this for her – leaving one phase of her life and getting out of a place that wasn’t right for you, just like what went through four years ago. This is the woman who I saw the UK with. She got that taste of things outside of south Mississippi and wants to go and find her place in it – how could I not help my best friend find that?

So that’s where we are. I’ll keep y’all updated!

Please, let me know what you think!

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