Two Years!

Happy (slightly belated) birthday, Spiral Charmed Life!  My dear blog turned two yesterday and I completely spaced!  In the last two years, this blog has changed dramatically from just a place for me to gripe and moan about the things in my life so I didn’t drive my husband insane into a place for me to explore my faith and share it with others out there who may be wondering in the same direction that I am.  And in that time, I’ve grown because of it.  I have started down a new branch of my path that has been waiting for me for more than a decade – a path that I might never have gotten to without this blog.

Now, I’m not going to be conceited and say that I think I’ve been a guiding light for anyone.  But I’d like to believe that I’ve at the very least given someone the courage to pursue the path that calls to them, or the comfort to continue when things got hard.  Even if that person was only me.  ^__^  I want to help people – it’s something that is part of who I am – and right now, for now, this feels like the best way.  And I’m proud to say that this year I have done better than I did last year – I’ve written 101 posts in the last year!  I’m hoping that by next year post 300 will happen on our 3rd anniversary.  Hoping.  ^__^  Doing Spiritual Saturdays and Musical Mondays have definitely helped, and I’m planning a few other theme days – like Wags-full Wednesdays, though I’m still trying to figure out how to execute that one.

I adore this blog and everything that it has come to represent.  It’s my place of learning and it has given me a strength of resolve about my faith, as well as other things that matter to me.  And I hope these are things that matter to you.   So, thank you for joining us for another wonderful year.  On to the next!


Please, let me know what you think!

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