I met a friend!

Technically, I met her face-to-face for the first time.  I made friends with Marin through the Debil (Facebook) in one of my Pagan groups and even though she and her family (hubby and girls) live in California, she and her hubby are originally from right here around Montevallo!  And, since she and her girls were in town visiting family, we got together!

Marin and I at Eclipse in Montevallo


We met for lunch around noon (and we have totally found another place where we love to eat) and ended up hanging out until about 4.  It was a blast and her girls are precious!  A handful – but then toddlers tend to be – and hysterical.  I have an entire album of pictures that Marin’s oldest took while playing with my phone (hey, it kept her happy and from running all over the place) – half of which don’t have anyone or only half of a person in them. ^__^

I love making new friends, especially in the Pagan community and the way we met is one of those awesome blessings that seems to happen by magic.  ^__^  I met Mackenzie through BabyCenter’s Pagan Families board and when our friend Billie created a congruent Facebook page, Mackenzie decided to add her friend, Marin, from the Air Force base where both families are stationed.  And from there, Marin saw my profile and that I lived in Montevallo.  The rest, as they say, is history.  ^__^

So, Marin, thanks for an awesome time today!  Mackinzie, thanks for adding Marin to the group so we could meet.  ^__^  And, dear readers, if you have the opportunity to meet someone new, do it!


4 thoughts on “I met a friend!

  1. I had a blast as well! Next time I am in town we definitly need to meet up again, and maybe next time I can get a babysitter so we aren’t having to chase toddlers around everywhere! HAHA. And I am one who believes everything happens for a reason, and that this meeting was ment to occur, but just as you said it was purely magical!

    • That definitely sounds like a plan! We were talking about it on and off all night last night. ^__^ And, seriously, I have nearly 100 pictures taken by the little photographer.

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