I’ve got a plan!

So, I’ve got a plan for the next few “Spiritual Saturdays” that I just wanted to share with you.  Starting tomorrow, I’m going to be doing pieces on my Gods, one post for each God or Goddess and my relationship to them.  I’m doing this for you, dear readers, so you can learn about my Gods; but I’m also doing this for me – a “getting to know you” of the three who have recently become a part of my life, as well as a “refresher” of the two who have walked with me so long.  I’ve been wanting to do something  for Them, almost as a kind of welcome, here on my blog, but I was at a loss with what to do.  What a wonder that I’ve found myself with a Goddess of inspiration in my life; She whispered this idea in my ear and it grew almost without my noticing until it was a fully formed idea.  I’m enjoying our growing relationship, as she is the easiest of my new Gods for me to connect with.  But more on that later – I’ll be talking about Brighid in week 3.  Tomorrow will be about Danu, the first to come to me.

Also, I’m looking for Pagan blogs – especially with buttons (I have two to choose from over on the right sidebar!).  I did a call for blogs a while ago and I found some really fun blogs (still found on my page “Around the Web”) but I’m really looking for Pagan blogs – Wiccan, Pagan, Heathen, Reconstructionist, Druid, Shaman, Witch – you get the idea.  I’m especially interested in Pagan parents, but all things Pagan for my new page “Pretty Pagans in a Row Project” (up there on the nav. bar).  I’ve got 4 as of this posting – Living a Faery Tale, Capturing Life’s Magick, Tales of a Kitchen Witch, and The Pagan Mom Blog – because I love those blogs and the ladies that write them (two of them I am lucky enough to consider friends!).  I’ve got more coming, I’m looking for a “stand-in button” for those blogs that don’t have one (I have a few on my GoogleReader yet).


Okay, so that’s all I’ve got for now.  I’m probably going to go write tomorrow’s post, since Joshwa is off work tomorrow (today and tomorrow – it’s so crazy, a weekend on a weekend!) and he’s playing video games with the boys.  Until then, pass on yours or your favorite Pagan blog.  Until tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “I’ve got a plan!

    • Your blog is actually one of the ones I planned to grab! ^__^ Instead of grabbing buttons (or writing up my blog ahead of time, lol), I started playing with themes…again. >_< I'll be making a button (and I was hoping a banner, but we'll see) for PPR in the next few days so that those included can share it.

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