Two things…

First – whoops, missed this week’s Spiritual Saturday.  I completely forgot what day of the week it was until this morning when I got two texts about it being Easter.  Why did I forget?  Because I’m getting my nerd on.  A friend of ours stopped through between visiting his parents (back in Hattiesburg, like us) and North Carolina, where he lives now and he dropped off


Here the angels singing?  Or the freaking awesome chorus (if you’ve played the game, you know the one I mean – if not you’ll hear it tomorrow for Musical Monday!).  I discovered Elder Scrolls in ’07 or ’08 when we got Oblivion and I was hooked.  I’ve played through it several times.  So when we heard about Skyrim we got excited…and then we saw previews and squealed like little girls!  Okay, not really.  Joshwa squealed, I giggled maniacally.  ^__~

So, we have had this game for a week and if I’m awake and Joshwa’s at work (except on his days off when we take turns), I’m on Skyrim.  I freaking LOVE it. ^__^  So that’s why no Spiritual Saturday.  But I promise, back to normal next week.  Even if I have to set a reminder in my phone.  *sets reminder – yes literally*  For today, I’m watching the Alabama v Auburn baseball game from last night so that I can finish this and a couple of other things before I get sucked back in.  ^__^

So the other thing I wanted to talk to y’all about is that tomorrow.  Tomorrow is TWO YEARS since we quit smoking!  We slipped a couple of times, but nothing major, and we haven’t picked it back up, so it still counts!  Two years and I feel healthier than I was.  I notice when I have a bit of congestion or a little cough now like never before – mainly because I don’t have it every day.  And now my risks for most diseases are barely higher than those of non-smokers.  Slightly higher because I have had a few cigarettes over the last two years, but I’m told that it doesn’t take as long to recover from those since I’m almost like a non-smoker taking a puff.  Which was a huge relief to find out, since I was afraid I was starting from scratch every time.  But there’s a huge difference between a long-time smoker (me before) picking up a cigarette and a non-smoker or recovering/ed smoker picking up a cigarette.  Even with my slip-ups, I consider myself recovered.  Except for New Years (which had more to do with grief than a want to smoke, know what I mean?) I haven’t wanted to buy cigarettes.  That’s such a win!  And you guys have been a huge part of that.  This blog is where I have marked those milestones – I quit cold turkey after smoking for fifteen years.  Fifteen years!  I think it’s time for this again:




Okay, I’m done.  ^__^  So, that’s what’s going on.  I’m about to go hunt down the Skyrim song, and then to go play!  Woot!


Please, let me know what you think!

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