Fairy Rock-A-Bye

So, I’ve finally published a new poem!  It’s called Fairy Rock-A-Bye and is, as you can imagine, a retake of Rock-a-Bye Baby.  I really love that song, because it’s the one lullaby I can remember my Momma singing to me; my Momma’s not a big singer (loves music, but not really musically inclined), so memories of her singing to me are all the more precious.  But at the same time, have you heard the lyrics to that song?  I mean, talk about strange.  And I wanted something that I could sing to my children that I wrote.  So I thought of them, and I wrote this.  I actually wrote it a month or more ago, but this one line kept eluding me until recently.  So it’s up and ready for you to see.  I hope you like it!  ^__^


Please, let me know what you think!

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