Spiritual Saturday

Almost missed it!  My sleep schedule has gotten a little off again, which means my 7-ish hours of sleep today were between 11am and 6pm.  Guh.  But I’m here!

So, I’ve only been moving down this new section of my path for about a week and I’m surprised to tell you that I find myself not with a single new Deity calling me to Them, but three.  Seriously.  I’ve spent the last 12 years worshiping one God and one Goddess, and suddenly I find myself being taken in by a Goddess and two Gods.  It’s nuts!  But it’s also completely amazing.

So who is calling me?  Brighid, Manannan, and – oddly from the information I can find about Him – Lir.  We’re still in the “getting to know you” phase of our relationships, but it’s like every time I read something about Them, I can almost see Them standing around me going “yep, look over here!”  Except that sounds really demeaning to Them – and I don’t mean it to.

Brighid came almost immediately, as if She’s been keeping an eye on me, waiting for me to come around and was ready when I finally got a clue.  Manannan kinda blew in as I continued to study, but with the same “it’s about time” attitude to him.  But it was through researching and reading about Manannan that Lir became known to me, and He is the most frustrating because it’s difficult to find information about Him beyond being the father of Manannan and His siblings.  Brighid and Manannan have the same vibrant, personal feeling about them that Dagda Mór has, but Lir has that slightly more vast – almost primordial, I guess? – feeling to Him that Danu has.  My building relationship is just as real, just very different.

It’s getting more exciting and less frightening than it was a week ago, though I find myself actually looking into religious traditions (I was very anti-religion/pro-spiritual-only for a while), which is a frightening prospect.  But it’s because I’m finding that there really are people and religious communities who hold my same values and beliefs.  I’m looking into Celtic Reconstructionism, but I’m not sure if I want to call myself a CR.  I don’t know if it’s because I may not agree with them, or if it’s just a hold over of my general distrust of religion.

So, I’m still searching, though I have found a new place of peace and joy that I wish to explore where I am before I push through.  I mean, three is quite a few people to be building a new relationship with!  And I’m way out of practice anyway.  I will be keeping you posted, though!

Please, let me know what you think!

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