Photo-A-Day, Day 1

So, I was checking my Google Reader and I came across another awesome idea from my friend AmandaJillian over at Living a Faerie Tale – Photo-A-Day.  I did something similar on FB a while back and it was mostly fun and rather educational.  Now, I know this was (apparently) meant to run the month of February, as Amanda has hurried ahead to catch up, but since I just came across it, I figure I’ll take it at my own pace.  So here we go.

6 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day, Day 1

    • Aw, thanks! I actually always wear either a bandana or a cap while out. It’s a calling I developed about a year ago, I never go out with my crown uncovered. It’s to mark myself out as different and to “protect” my direct connection to the Divine. You remind me that I need to make a post about it! ^__^

      And thanks for joining me on this little trip. You should join in – you can either catch up (like AmandaJillian did over on her blog) or just take it as you go like I’m doing; it’s really fun. ^__~

    • I know! I did the 30 Days on Facebook (check my photos if you haven’t seen it) and it made me take time to really look at things, and this one is even better (since it lacks the crappy ones like “biggest fear” and “thing you wish you could forget” – or something like that). ^__^ And super excited because tomorrow we’re taking a drive down Hwy 11 and there are going to be some beautiful country out my window!

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