Spiritual Saturday

I thought when I decided to start Spiritual Saturdays that I would guilt myself into talking about the different aspects of my religion – not just to share my religion with the world, but to remind myself to take time to focus on my faith.  But, like many things along this path I’ve been put on, I found it’s not nearly as difficult as I’ve tried to make it, nor as formal.  Sometimes it’s just about the things that feed my soul.

So yesterday, Joshwa and I took a drive.  A ten hour drive.  No, I’m not even close to kidding.  And it was wonderful.  Earlier this week I talked about how I have started feeling homesick for the place where we belong, and we’re learning every day that that is smaller and more simple than we had imagined four years ago.  We drove up Highway 59 to get out of the Birmingham area (since even in our little town, we’re still very much a part of the Birmingham metro area) to a little town we’ve visited before and up to a campground with some breathtaking mountain views.  Then we decided to see where the road would take us.  It got a little dicey a couple of times – delightfully so – and we found ourselves on Highway 11.

Now, most everyone has the mental image of Route 66 – that winding highway rolling across the country through awesome small towns.  Highway 11 is that road for us.  You see, Highway 11 runs from New Orleans, LA to Rouses Point, NY before turning north into Canada – which means it passes through Poplarville (where I went to college), Lumberton (where my grandparents lived most of my life), Purvis (where we both spent great deals of our youth and Joshwa went to school), Hattiesburg (of course, my hometown and where we met and spent our first nearly 3 years together), and Moselle (where Josh’s maternal family home is).  Highway(well, Route, appropriately) 11 literally is our own Route 66.

So we found ourselves on Hwy 11 through an awesome twist of fate and decided to follow it and see where it took us.  Where it took us was through farm towns and coal towns and miles upon miles of some of the most breath-taking views I’ve ever seen.  We found the longer we drove, the easier we felt and the more we laughed.  There were things we wanted to stop and see, but we’ve so let ourselves get pushed by “no time to stop” from spending all of our vacations hurrying to drive to see people.  We’re not hurried people!  I swear!  Our idea of a vacation?  Hopping in the car and driving, stopping when we felt like it.

So what does this have to do with spirituality?  Why does it deserve talk on Spiritual Saturdays?  Because – what is spirituality but that which feeds our souls?  And yesterday fed my soul.  It fed Joshwa’s soul.  And it brought a peace to us we’ve both noticed lacking recently.  We’ve really been on edge recently since our plans have gone awry, even though we both recognize that we’re better off waiting.  This is not the place for us and it fits like a coat that’s too small – knowing it’s best to wait doesn’t equal feeling it’s best.  So we have to stop the rush (and stop thinking that if we go anywhere, it has to be visiting!) and take time to relax into the people we really are.  We have itchy feet between the two of us – but I whole-heartedly believe that if can find time to travel the way we want to, we’ll be able to settle when we find our place.  ^__^


Please, let me know what you think!

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