Spiritual Saturday

So, this week I was at a loss for what to write about.  So I went looking for ideas and I found my way over to Pagan Blog Prompts and decided on approaching Totem Animals.


This week I’d like to talk about two beings who have been with me for a long time, especially walking along my path.  Even before the Goddess, these two have been with me, guardians and teachers.  I speak of my spirit guides/totem animals – an old, silver-furred male wolf named Silver and a young female sparrow named Skye.  Both taught and protected me, but each had their own lessons and ways.  Silver served as a teacher and sage whose wisdom I still seek today – but is often grouchy and sometimes the lessons he teaches me are the lesson he’s “learning” as he watches over me and Skye.  And Skye teaches me to embrace youth and creativity, but just as often we’re learning lessons of consequences for our actions.

And it was through these lessons that I began to realize that while these two are very individual creatures with very much their own personalities, their own choices, and knowledge that they only share with me when they choose – they are also parts of myself.  Whether they chose me (as I sometimes think with Silver) or whether we were chosen for one another (as I usually think with Skye), the things that make them who they are resonate with the things that make me who I am.

Silver is wise and loyal and he has taught me many a lesson walking through a twilit forest and has shared the thrill of running.  But he was the personification (animalfication?) of my own drive for knowledge and the deep well of loyalty for anyone who I call my friend or family.  He is also the part of me that has had to grow up ahead of my time, the part that feels more comfortable with those older than I am and makes peers of my elders.  I hope that one day I will grow into the full grace of who he is in me, offering my wisdom to those who seek it in a way that is easy for them to accept and absorb.

Skye is free-spirited and joyful and has lifted my spirit when it’s at its lowest ebbs, giving me the freedom and soul-expanding delight of flight.  She reminds me  to laugh when I forget how and to sing.  She is the embodiment of my own joy, a well that I never realized was so deep; she is my creativity and my music, she is the embodiment of the song that sings always in my heart; and she is my on ever inquisitive nature.  She is also my inner child, ever thriving, even when I forget that she is off playing.  I hope that I am always able to keep her close, so that when I don’t have the hope and eyes of a child, I can see the world with the shining newness usually only capable of children.

Do you have animal spirit guides/totem animals?  Are they on only an animal, or are they more, like Skye and Silver are to me?  What lessons have your spirit guides taught you and what have you learned of yourself by just their mere presence and the form they take?

One day, I hope to write a series of Pagan children’s books featuring Skye and Silver.  Not to worry, you’ll know as soon as I actually get working on them.  ^__^


2 thoughts on “Spiritual Saturday

  1. I have always quietly loved ducks, and the affinity really revealed itself when decorating for my son’s nursery. Two years later, I met a spiritual teacher who said I walk and flap and transition (air and water and land, without a blink) just like a duck. How amazing! I’ve also had spiders show up on three rituals in just the seven months I’ve been following my path. Still not sure what they are trying to show me.

    Thank you for the Spiritual Saturday posts, I truly enjoy and learn from them.

    • I’m so glad that Spiritual Saturdays are helping someone else (because they’re definitely helping me!).

      As for learning what these animals mean to you, and thus what they’re trying to teach you, I always suggest looking into the symbolism of these animals, especially in your religious tradition – I know the druids had several traditions about the spider (I think druidry was one of your focuses, right?). Also, I find Native American resources to be some of the best, since those traditions have survived longer than most and are more intact.

      I’ve found that once you learn what they symbolize, it gets easier to learn what lesson(s) they want to teach you. So, good luck on your journey. And if the lessons they have tot teach you aren’t too personal (as sometimes they are), please come back and share some of that wisdom with us (even if it’s just a link to a post you’ve done about it over on your page!).

      Brightest blessings!

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