Spiritual Saturday

So I was going to put off my first Spiritual Saturday until next week, since I’ll be featured on Capturing Life’s Magic, Magical Monday the following Monday.  But then I walked outside tonight.  The full moon is on Monday, but she is shining beautifully tonight.  So, I went out and began taking pictures with my new HandyCam.  And all I can say is WOW.

The full moon was one of the first ways that I connected to the Divine in my early days of discovering my path.  When I stand washed in the silvery light of the moon, it’s like feeling pure power washing over me like water.  I cup my hands and I feel my hands fill up – in my mind’s eye I can see it.  I “pour” it over my face and my hair – this is something I’ve felt compelled to do from the first time I stood beneath the full moon and felt that outpouring of power – and in moments, I feel whole and energized and peaceful.  I’ve never been one to do formal full moon rituals on my own – though I’ve done more than a few with my friends back home, and greatly enjoyed the shared energy and blessing.  But I get more out of those quiet moments alone than a dozen formal full moon rituals.

If you are new to your path and trying to understand full moon rituals, don’t worry if your first formal ritual isn’t exactly what you were expecting – especially if it’s a public ritual.  There tends to be a lot of pomp and ceremony that can sidetrack a beginner.  So just take some time to stand outside under the full moon, especially if you’ve got a nice dark place to stand where the only light filtering through is moonlight.  See the light as it lays over your skin and the world around you.  That silvery glow?  That is magic in it’s most basic form, the magic of imagination and inspiration.

So this weekend, take a moment to stand beneath the beautiful moon.  Even if the magic eludes you, enjoy the beauty that has been hung there for us.

Please, let me know what you think!

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