Not one of my better days

Well, more like, “not one of my better few days”.  My sleep schedule has been all over the place – which is rather depressing since it’s mostly because of Joshwa’s hours.  I slept normal hours the other day (bed around 8 and then up around 9 the next morning – so longer than normal) and the next evening was ready for bed by 8/9, but ended up staying up to wait for Joshwa to get home….and didn’t end up going to sleep until the next day.  Guh.  So, of course, my mood has been all over the place, along with the fact that I think I’m supposed to be starting my period soon, though I’m not 100% since I haven’t really regulated yet.

So I’m emotional, I’m out of whack from sleep stuff, I’m irritable, and I’m stuck in the house.  But, at least, I now have my driver’s license again.  Which may mean that I leave the house and just go for a drive by myself.  Because Joshwa is making me crazy.  Everyone who knows me (and any of you who have been reading this blog) knows I love and adore my husband.  He is my everything and I have forsaken all things and people for him.  But every now and then, he makes me crazy.  And, since we’ve kept mostly to ourselves, not wanting to make attachments to people when we know we’re not staying long, that means that when I’ve had too much of him, there’s nothing I can do.  Josh has started making a few friends at work, and I’m kinda friends with Richard, our apartment manager, but let’s be real, that’s it.  So there’s nowhere for me to go but online.  And when I’m feeling particularly crazy, it’s no where near far enough away.  ^__^

I’m mostly joking and venting a little – which has made me feel better.  Now we’re sitting here, watching “Stardust” (one of my favorite movies).  If you haven’t seen it, watch it!  Great movie with a kick ass cast (can you say “cross-dressing DeNiro”?!) and a kick ass soundtrack.  In fact, the song at the end, when the credits start rolling, is one of the best songs on the face of the earth.  So here’s to cheering yourself up when you need it, and not killing the spouse you love.  ^_~


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