Gah….missed it

I missed Musical Monday this week.  I should have known, with us driving down to Hattiesburg for a whirlwind Christmas day – which while fun was exhausting – but I thought “nah, I’ll remember.”  Well, I didn’t.  So, to insure that I get it done next Monday, I’m setting it up now to post next Monday.  Because Joshwa will not be working night shift this year for New Years Eve!  Woot!  He’ll be home (or wherever we are) with me for the big midnight smooch.  ^__^

Speaking of exhausting, I slept for nearly 12 hours today, and I could fall asleep right now.  😦  I hate feeling like this, especially when I know I have stuff to do.  Thankfully the house is clean, it’s just got all our stuff from Christmas all over our living room.  This is one of those times I wish I was Samantha from Bewitched – just wiggle my nose (which I can’t do, so maybe Tabitha) and with a twinkle of music the house be clean.   *le sigh*  Why do Hollywood witches get all the cool, flashy powers?  ^__~

Okay, gotta find and set up next week’s Musical Monday, and then go wash dishes and put stuff away.  Hope everyone had a beautiful holiday.  Counting down 2011!

Please, let me know what you think!

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