Ah, family :-)

Let me start by saying that I love my father-in-law (hereto referred to as “Dad”), my sis-in-law (hereto referred to as “Sis”) and my nieces.  That said…three days is too long to be with both Dad and Sis!  Lol, I don’t know how they’re managing to live together, because they make me crazy!  They came in on Thursday to stay with us for a few days around dropping off my oldest niece with her dad (younger niece has a different dad) so the last few days have been pure craziness, and I swear the girls are better than Dad and Sis.  ^__^  Please notice I say that with a smile.  They’d kill me if they knew I said this (or will, if Sis reads this) but they are so much a like it’s overwhelming at times.  Sis has been staying with Dad for a few months because the trailer she was living in needed crazy amounts of work and the only place she had to stay was with Joshwa’s bat-shit crazy cousin – and none of us liked that idea!  Now, understand, Dad and Sis have an occasional love/hate relationship, mostly caused by meddling from my mother-in-law’s family – but somehow she has come out EXACTLY LIKE HIM!  One at a time, they’re a breeze to handle – and either way they’re hysterically funny to have around.

And my nieces!  Ah, my girls.  Joshwa and I have three nieces (one we never see because her mom – Joshwa’s younger brother’s wife – hates our guts) and one nephew and we dote.  We’re professional doters.  (well, we consider ourselves as having more like 5 – about to be 6 – nieces and 7 nephews including our cousins’ children)  We’ve been told that we’re strict, and we expect our nieces and nephew to follow the rules when they’re with us, but they all know that we love them and most of our visits are spent with the girls sitting with us.  Our oldest niece tends to gravitate to Uncle Josh – understandable since I’ve only been Aunt LeaAnn for only about half her life at this point – but the younger one is my girl!  It helps that I’ve been here her entire life (Sis got pregnant shortly after Joshwa and I got together), but she has always been my sweetheart.

And then there was Jackson.  Jackson is Dad’s service dog…in training.  He’s a 7 month old puppy and he’s a sweetheart.  But he’s a 7 month old puppy, and a puppy is a puppy.  ^__^  So, needless to say, I had a great time, but I was worn out when they left.  We sat here in silence, almost like shock, for nearly an hour.  Until my phone rang, and scared me half to death!  And have you ever been so startled that it gave you a case of the giggles?  Well, that was me, trying to talk to my best friend who thought I’d sure lost my mind this time.  ^_^

But that was the hustle and bustle of their visit.  Do you know what was nice?  Spending time with people who knew the real me – religion, warts, and all – and, while not agreeing, understanding that.  We are able to hold religious and philosophical discussions that are actual discussions.  It made me grateful that they know, especially since they are understanding.  Dad even joked, after Sis finished her finals (she’s finally graduating with TWO Bachelors degrees!  woot!) that he prayed she’d pass – giving the ultimatum that if she didn’t, he’d pray to my Gods.  Lol!  So when she said she had passed and would be graduating he said “oh, whew, I don’t even know how to pray to LeaAnn’s Gods.”  Ah, family.  Sure, some people wouldn’t find it amusing, but this is Dad.  This is the guy that hits on any woman over the age of 18 (and under the age of 50, if he finds them attractive) – not because he’s actually trying to get into anyone’s pants; he’s a delightful lecher that has been alone for nearly 15 years and delights in driving Sis crazy by flirting with women younger than she is (Sis is two years older than Joshwa).  We do a lot of laughing together, to say the least.  While Sis and I haven’t always gotten along, we have had a good relationship for most of the last four years – and, in fact, I have a better relationship with Sis than I do with my own sister.  Of course, I’ve had an awesome relationship with Dad since before Joshwa and I started living together that was only temporarily – I don’t want to say “damaged”, so let’s say – bruised when he discovered I was a Pagan.  Of course, that was before we got engaged, so he’s known for a while.

And the timing of their visit, matched with the religious and philosophical discussions we had while they were here, is rather auspicious as a woman in one of my Pagan groups has recently requested guest authors for her blog.  Now, I was interested, but almost instantly lost my nerve, thinking that I had nothing to add to a Pagan blog.  I mean, I’m a Pagan that blogs, but all to often my blogs have only a passing comment about religion.  Did I really have anything to add?  Joshwa pushed me to do it, saying that I had plenty to say and that I’d be great.  She was encouraging when I commented on her post (on Facebook).  Well, then after Dad and Sis’s visit, it was like even the Divine was saying “you can do it, you should try”.  So, I emailed her a little bit ago.

It has also gotten me thinking.  I keep talking about how I’d like to be more Pagan-y here on my blog.  But my path is very much a path of living, so I don’t always think to talk about the spiritual connotations to the things that happen to me – they are just inherently spiritual to me.  But, I’m considering doing like she is and having a certain day of the week where I talk specifically about Pagan stuff.  Hers is Magickal Monday – others have had Keeping Thor in Thursday, Sun’s Day Sunday, Wiccan Wednesday.  Maybe I’ll do Spiritual Saturdays.  Yeah, I kinda like that.  Though, technically, I guess Spiritual Sundays would work and I could claim this as my first Sunday.  Nah, that’s a little tacky.  I like Spiritual Saturday, but I’ll kick it around until next week.  I’ll let you know.  Of course, if you’ve got an idea you’d like to suggest, feel free!


Please, let me know what you think!

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