Let’s talk about poo…

No, not bowel movements. ‘Poo is the crunchy movement’s term for shampoo. If you’re asking yourself “Why is Lea talking about food?”, I’m not. “Crunchy” is the term for those who believe in living a more natural life (cloth diapering, sustainable living, breastfeeding, babywearing, non-vaxing, things by now you should know that we embrace) – so think granola. If you like living a more “modern”, more streamlined living (disposable diapers, Starbucks, formula feeding, stroller-using, vaxing), you’re considered “creamy”, though I’ve only seen it used a handful of times. Please note, I don’t think people who are not Crunchy are bad – though if you’re guzzling your coffee in non-recyclable cup as you drive your gas guzzling mega-suv, feeding your kids nothing but tv dinners and giving them lead paint to play with, I’ll probably be pissy and talk about you as you go blazing past us. But that’s only in extreme cases.

So, back to ‘poo; or more precisely, no ‘poo. Yes, that’s right, I said it, no shampoo. Let me start by saying, Josh and I usually only wash our hair once a week. Sound nasty? It’s not. My hair usually starts getting greasy around day five or six, so I wash on day six or seven. Obviously, if I get something in my hair or I get sweaty and nasty, the schedule gets bumped up. But this is a schedule that we’ve been on for a few years now, even before I’d ever heard that there were people who didn’t use shampoo at all. So, once I did learn that there were people who made this work – and seen the evidence that their hair was truly clean – I was intrigued.  So, I’ve been kicking around this idea of completely dumping shampoo – especially after reading an article, before reading about no ‘poo, about how dandruff shampoos could actually make dandruff worse.  I mean, it’s not bad enough that my scalp gets itchy and flaky and gross, now you’re telling me the thing I thought was making it better could be the base of my problem in the first freaking place?!

So I’ve rambled on long enough, kept you all in suspense.  Yes, we’ve tried it.  It started quite unintentionally.  I went to Texas for a week – washed my hair the day Joshwa took me to my Momma – and, of course, I didn’t wash it while I was gone.  Let’s be real, shampoo and conditioner and this hair, does not work well with only two hands.  Well, then we got home, and every time we’d hope in the shower, I just did not feel like dealing with my hair.  Then, suddenly, I realize here we are, three weeks later, and my hair isn’t that bad off.  Granted, week 2 (after I got back from Texas) it was a grease pit.  But that’s the wonder of staying at home – no one to see me at my worst.  And some how, Joshwa is doing even better than me.  He never dealt with the greasies.  Bastard.  ^__^

Well, tonight, I finally needed to give my scalp a good scrub because I started getting gross flakes.  Now, most people who start no ‘poo use baking soda (a wonderful all-around) as shampoo and vinegar (or apple cider vinegar) as conditioner, but I had no desire to put baking soda in my hair, and Josh felt the same about the vinegar.  After more research I found that the ultimate goal was to drop everything but water except for the occasional treatment (think average shampoo user doing a hot oil treatment) of – get this – honey.  ^__^

My hair is still wet, so it’s kind of hard to figure what it’s going to do.  And, of course, we have the mild concern about the lime in our water and how that will affect us.  But we won’t be here forever – in fact we’re really hoping we’ll be out of here by February, so we’ll see – so the lime won’t be a problem; and even if it takes our hair a little longer to adjust to never getting shampoo, Joshwa’s hair isn’t showing it and no one but Joshwa sees my hair.  Win/win if you ask me.  ^__^

This is just another step along the path to a more natural way of doing things and I will definitely keep y’all posted on how things are going.  Any of y’all doing the no ‘poo?  Thinking about it?  Have any other natural tips and tricks?  Next thing I’m going to try is washing my face with honey – would have tried it tonight, but some how we both forgot about getting honey, even though it was on the shopping list!  Any tips for more natural living is always appreciated!

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