I’m sorry, dear readers

For a while, I was doing so well – giving my dear internet-crawlers something to fill their time.  But over the last months, I’ve dropped off to near nothing.  I do greatly apologize.  First there was my miscarriage, and then there was NaNoWriMo, so I’ve neglected my lovely blog and my lovelier readers for far too long.  I will do my best by remedying this fact now.  So I’ll start with an update.

I spent the week around Thanksgiving in Texas.  Without my husband.  It was great because I was with my Momma, my baby brother, and my Aunt Sharon – and I spent time with my other aunt and her family.  The thing to understand is that I am the rainbow sheep of my family – a fact that has been further highlighted by a week spent with people who think the Bushes are amazing, voted Rick Perry as governor of their state, and think that only Christians should have rights (but it’s okay for Christians to get shit faced to celebrate a baptism, kid you not).

But that’s the bad.  The good was staying up all night our first night there, talking with my little brother about everything and nothing.  I’ve said for the last several years that I love the young man my Bubba was becoming.  Well, I can now honestly say that I am proud of the young man that he is.  He is making decisions that – while I may not agree with them – I support because he when he makes a decision he stands by it, and accepts the responsibility for those decisions.  He tends our young cousins, trying to be a positive influence in their lives at a crucial time for teenage girls.  He’s there to remind them that they are better than any boy who breaks their hearts (which is good, since the younger one’s boyfriend of a year broke up with her right before we arrived).  I’d like to think (hope) that some of those lessons he’s now teaching them now are lessons I taught him, only better.

We went to “Midnight Yell” at Texas A&M (where my aunt teaches and my Bubba’s now-ex-girlfriend attends school) the night before the Texas A&M/Texas game (apparently as big a deal as the Alabama/Auburn game, but more evenly matched, since Alabama usually kicks Auburn ass).  My brother and I walked in together, talking, and I twisted my ankle (not as serious as for most people since I have weak ankles – it just rolls and I can keep walking), so I grabbed my little brother’s arm.  We walked in arm-in-arm and even after we had to split, he offered his arm to me again without me having to ask.  It was amazing.  Have I mentioned that I adore my baby brother?  ^__^

Now, if you don’t know anything about Texas A&M (further referred to as TAMU), let me give you a brief overview based on my experiences (if you know more about it than I do, please feel free to comment and correct me or add more if I under-explain anything).  First of all, TAMU does not have cheerleaders – yep, no girls in tiny skirts doing high kicks and cutesy cheers that no one is able to follow.  TAMU has yell leaders – junior and senior men who stand on the field doing crazy hand motions to tell the student section (known as 12th Man, I’ll explain shortly) what cheer they’re doing.  How do they know what the hand motions mean?  They teach you your freshman year, and you practice at midnight yell before every game.  Yeah, these people are for real.  So the yell leaders do full-body sign language to lead the shouts – which leads to an amazing game day experience (didn’t go this time, but I’ve gone before) where the entire home side is chanting as one voice, literally.  It’s more than a little overwhelming, but in a good way.  Now, 12th Man – that is the tradition from the early days of the school (this is one where TAMUs can give more info) – apparently there was a game where a player was injured (back when there weren’t 50 or more people on the sidelines) so the Aggies were down a man and afraid of forfeit when a student came out of the stands to save the day.  From this has come the tradition of 12th Man – where every Aggie comes to the game as a part of the team, not just a spectator.  Then there is the TAMU corp – not band, corp.  They are an amazing sight to behold – as a band kid myself who knows well the adrenaline pump that an awesome performance can be, I wish I could march with them!  They have a level of accuracy that is belied by their level of showmanship.  The only thing I regret is that they didn’t march at “Midnight Yell”, since we didn’t have tickets to the game.  (but, for the record, Alabama’s Million Dollar Band is still the best!)

I laughed more in the car driving to and from Texas than I usually laugh in a month.  Not because Josh and I don’t laugh, but because my Momma, Aunt Sharon, and I are three parts of a single personality – a personality that loves to laugh.  We enjoy one another, and find nearly everything amusing.  ^__^  I also got to watch my Momma, brother, cousins, and uncle dance on a bar to a fun little dance they call the “Gut Gut”.  It’s not a dance to music, it’s like a chant; I have no idea where it came from, but it’s simply “Butt, butt/Gut, gut/Right, right/Left, left/Butt/Gut/Right/Left/Buuuuutt/Guuuut/Riiiiight/Leeeeeft”.  It’s done in both a conga-line style and a kick-line style.  It was GREAT.  I didn’t watch, only video taped.  And giggled.  A lot.

But the best part was getting home to my Joshwa.  As much fun as I had (if we forget about Black Friday….we’re working on it), I missed my husband.  I was away from home for seven days, more than half the time I’d ever been away from him before, and the longest I’d been away at one time.  We’ve both decided that in the future, if we cannot both go, we won’t.  Period.  I don’t care how upset it makes my Momma, I just can’t handle it, and my husband can’t take care of himself.

Since getting back, I reached my writing goal of 50K words – though my story still has a way to go.  I haven’t been writing on the actual story lately, but been working on the backgrounds and architectural things.  (I once read that there are two types of writers, gardeners and architects – architects build and gardeners make it pretty.)  I’m still working, but I’ve gotten sidetracked.

My best buddy, Becky (the girl Bubba in my life) just got her license to sell insurance – woot!  I’m so proud of her and the work she has put in to make a better life for herself and her husband.  We’re planning for a trip to Mississippi to see my parents and little brother for Christmas (much to my Momma’s delight and my darling father-in-law and sister-in-law’s dismay, since they are also four hours away, just in a different direction), as well as getting ready for Josh to put in his transfer request as the end of the month.  I’ve got to start packing our apartment, like now.  And, of course, still trying to start a family.

So during this season of holidays, safe travel to you all.


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