Guh, to be a girl…

Sorry I haven’t been around, guys.  I’ve been doing some writing getting ready for NaNoWriMo which starts November 1st.  I’ve also been moping with girl problems (hence the title).  It gets better, it gets worse, and I just get tired.  It doesn’t help that last paycheck (a week ago last Thursday) we had to spend $300 on breaks when we were expecting more like $100, so we’ve had to watch our gas spending (still may find ourselves in a bind since they took one of Joshwa’s off days to make up for under scheduling him) – so we didn’t go to Sam’s Club and Aldi’s since they’re up in Birmingham and that’s just too much driving after going to Birmingham to have the brakes worked on (okay, so it’s all in Hoover/Homewood, but it’s still Birmingham).

So, I’ve been doing what we all know I do best – worrying.  Which doesn’t mix well with the lady troubles I’m having (not to worry, I don’t even feel like getting into that – you’re safe).  And they’ve been screwy with Joshwa’s work schedule – he was scheduled for 33 hours last week (or week before, can’t remember) and for 31 this week – he should never be scheduled for less than 35 being a full-time worker.  And this new store manager they’ve got is refusing to schedule enough people so that the store (yeah, sure, that’s where you want that money going!) has more money.  The problem?  There are so few people that the CSMs are having to jump on cash registers and people are still complaining (rightly) that there aren’t enough people.  Joshwa already had his yearly review (yeah, a month and a half early, how weird is that?) and what one negative did they have to say?  That he wasn’t getting his cashiers to their breaks and lunch fast enough!  It’s like, no shit, they can’t go to lunch if there isn’t time for it, or he can’t send them if he has to get on a register to help the backup so that he doesn’t get reprimanded for that.  And the thing is, it’s all the new manager!  I mean, I know Wal-Mart isn’t the greatest employer and they’ve got a shit-ton of skeevy practices, but right now they’re already in holiday mode and everyone else I know that works for WM – including my friend from high school who’s going to give birth any day now – have plenty of hours and plenty of people working.  It’s just Joshwa’s store!  I can’t wait until December to get away from this store (well, and to get to Kentucky!).  We’re going to start packing after Samhain “just in case” so we’ll be ready when it’s time to go.   We’re debating when we should see about taking out a loan (for moving, fixing the truck, and paying off several bills).  Because at this rate, with the way his store is jerking him around and his store manager is in the process of running the store into the ground, we can’t afford to wait until we’ve just saved the amount we’ll need.  It’ll work.  It always does.  Not always with the most desirable outcome – but this time the outcome will be more favorable, since Joshwa will just be transferring to a different store.

Okay, enough about the stressful stuff.  I’ve brought the plants in because it’s been too cold outside!  Woot!  Granted, we found several caterpillars on our plants – they ate up my poor sage. 😦  We put the little guys back outside – since I don’t mind them, I just mind them on my herbs!   The good news in this, though, is that it’s cold enough that we needed to bring the plants inside!  Woot!  It’s awesome to have an actual autumn this year.  We decided that last year was so hot because we were, quite literally, in hell.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am forever grateful for the fact that I had a roof over my head, but being in that house – especially by this point – was pure D. hell. (sorry, I don’t get that saying either, it’s just one my Daddy and his friends always used and it’s appropriate)  I won’t bash my sister and her actions – as I’m sure I’ve done more of that than was healthy for me.  I am simply speaking of how things felt – literally.  I remember being hot and never being able to get comfortable and miserably missing Chicago for the weather.  This year is better – which has already lent itself to the time fairly flying by – I don’t really remember September!

So, I’m getting into the whole impatient phase again.  It’s hard to believe it, but I swear it goes beyond my mind longing to find our place, but I am physically more jittery (hell, I’m already talking about packing and Joshwa hasn’t been able to even submit his request of transfer papers yet!) and more anxious to be on our way.  I’ve started researching loans for buying our land – did you know that in Harlan and Bell Counties, you can get 100% financing thanks to the rural housing authority?  Awesome, right?  No, we’re not going to go up there and expect for find land immediately.  But I’m ready for it.  I’m ready to get up there and it be right so we can settle down.  I’ve been pricing deep freezers that we’ll need once we can start actually buying in bulk.  It’ll fade out again once we start packing and/or once we get there.  And then, I’ll get the bug again.  I understand that I’m likely to do this until we have our own place where we can set down roots.  I’m tired of my roots not being sunk in.  I’ve enjoyed my adventures, and I definitely won’t stop traveling once we’re settled, but I’m the settling kind and I’m ready for a home to go home to, you know?  I’m sure we’ll look back on all this with laughter (well, I know Joshwa will since he finds it pretty freaking funny already 😛 ), in the meantime I’m just impatient.  One of my hardest lessons to learn!  But surely I get points for recognizing that fact, right?

Okay, I’m going upstairs to either finally climb in bed or climb into the tub for a nice warm soak until I feel better.  Probably the latter.  I’ll write so it’s not a completely boring time.  Or I’ll read.  Yeah, that sounds better.

So, for now, blessed autumn.  Samhain is in a week!


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