Pulse: Earth Dance

I can feel the beat,
Like a pulse of some large beast,
As it pounds beneath my feet.

I can feel a sigh
As it rushes across my face,
Like the breath of a lover.

The smell is thick and sweet
As it surrounds me,
Sweeter than any perfume.

The world comes to life
And invites me to join,
Add my pulse to its own.

There is power here,
In this place of peace
Where faery dreams still dance.

And while I’m here,
I too shall dance
And loose all time and place.

But time returns always,
And the Earth recedes,
To once more spin lazily.

I return to my life,
Where magic is not real,
And do my duty in this world.

But never will I forget
The heartbeat of the Earth,
Or the dancing of Its soul.

Please, let me know what you think!

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