For the love…

Of words, that is.  Yes, you may have seen the new link in my menu bar there at the top.  It’s my new (secondary) blog.  I’m writing and hoping that allowing my friends to give their 2¢ will push me to keep writing, even when I hit a dry spell – which is usually the death of my writings.  It is private, because I’d be really pissed if someone stole my work.  This story isn’t the story – the one I’ve worked on for years, that one gets worked on a bit here and a bit there every few months.  This is a story along the vein of the story I was working on last May.  I’ve had more than a few stumbling blocks (I only have the first rough draft of the first chapter up), but I have high hopes.

Especially since I’ve been spending a good bit of time off the crack…I mean the internet.  I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in my tub for back pain – I’m still hurting physically, but I’m doing much better emotionally.  But when you spend hours sitting in the tub and have reread all your books (okay, not all of them in the last month, but all the ones that I’m wanting to read) there’s nothing left but to write.  ^_^  It’s working for me.  Just hoping I can get the story going, because I hate skipping ahead.  But unfortunately the middle of the story keeps running through my head, interrupting my train of thought as I try to set up the story.

There is no greater therapy than creating the world inside your head on paper.  I think it was exactly what I needed (along with some weeping when I needed it).  That, and singing when it pleases me.  That helps, too.  Now, speaking of the tub, I’m heading that way now.  Brightest blessings, dears.

Please, let me know what you think!

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