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Yes, that’s right, I’m now on Google+!  I finally got tired of FB enough to want to look elsewhere and jumped on the opportunity to join G+.  Granted, at the moment, things are rather thin, but I’m hoping to meet new people on there fairly quickly (I mean, everyone I know is on FB, so it’s not like I’m looking for my family).  But, if any of you fine readers are on G+, look me up add me to a circle, and I’ll add you back.  Granted, at the moment my page is nearly bare – since I only began using G+ yesterday with the most recent “upgrades” to FB.

And, on my G+ page (unlike my FB page) I’m letting it all hang out.  I’m tired of watching what I say.  Of course, I did add my brother-in-law Michael (yes, the one I spent much of the last several years fighting with – we’re getting along better now that we’re separated by time and distance) and my sister-in-law Emma – whom I tend to get along with better than my own sister, as my long-time readers may recall.  But I’ve also been seeking new friends with Pagan tendencies, because these are the type of people who I prefer to associate with in general – though you know I love my spiritualists of any flavor!

I’ve also begun writing again.  I recently wrote two companion poems – “Who is God?” and “Who is Goddess” – and I’m just waiting to hear back from Yahoo (who is now running Associated Content) to get my log in information so that I can post them.  They aren’t my best work, but they were something that I needed – to remind myself who They were for me.  I’m also working on an article and hopefully working on a couple of stories.  I’ve realized that by not surrounding myself with people who look at religion and spirituality the way I do, I close myself off to my muse.  I know that my writing is strongly based in my faith – I know this.  And yet, I still allow myself to be immersed in view points that make me withdraw, and thus distance myself from that which drives my creative power.

So, if you find yourself on Google+, look me up.  And keep your eyes out for my new poems.  Brightest blessings and peace on this Mabon night.

2 thoughts on “Google +

  1. Hi there…I’m new here on WordPress, and I found your blog. Wonderful writing! I’m enjoying your style. openness, and beautiful thoughts. I’m also new to Wicca/Pagan/Seeking, so I’ll be taking some notes and advice from you, since you seem well along on your path.

    Let us let our muses lead on!

    • Welcome – to Spiral Charmed Life, WordPress, and your new path! I have walked my path for thirteen years, but I still have much to learn – so remember that when you think to yourself that there is too much you don’t know. Don’t get discouraged! ^__^ And I’m always willing to answer questions if I have the answer or point you to people who may be able to help. Brightest blessings!

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