Limbo – and I don’t mean the dance

So I’m still waiting to go to the doctor.  I was supposed to call today to set up an appointment.  I still haven’t gotten my period (yes, I am now seven weeks late) and haven’t gotten a positive pregnancy test.  Joshwa is gonna pick up some more of the tests tomorrow – I haven’t taken one in two weeks.  It’s been rough, and I’ve been sick – but whether it’s pregnancy symptoms or just this is how my body is handling sickness now that I eat healthy and no longer smoke.

So I sleep when I can.  I play with my plants when it’s not too hot outside (like, first thing in the morning and the middle of the night) and they seem to be thriving!  That’s so thrilling to me.  ^__^  I’ll get you pictures soon of my back porch jungle.  And, I’m a little embarrassed to admit, I didn’t know basil had flowers!  My basil just started blooming this morning with some adorable tiny white flowers!  I couldn’t get a good picture this morning, but I will be getting a picture of it.  So be on the look out!

And either tomorrow, Saturday, or Tuesday I will be getting a new computer!  Well, new to me.  My mom’s lab has updated their computer systems and she had her IT guy clean up one of the old ones for me!  How awesome is she?!  It’ll be an actual PC and we’re going to turn our laptops’ hard drives into an external hard drive.  We might hang on to one of them if we can get one working well, or we’ll save up for a new one and recycle our FOUR mostly useless laptops.  But I’m excited because I’m hoping to get a part-time, work-from-home job.  Not that we’re hurting for money now, but it will allow us to get another car (we’re getting our truck worked on in two or three weeks!) and buy/pay off some land quickly (I’ve already started figuring how quickly we could pay off some land, lol).

So even while I’m worrying about being pregnant – or not being pregnant after a year and a half and missing two periods – I’m positive and there are awesome and beautiful things happening all around me.  And that’s the largest first step in living a spiral charmed life – recognizing the blessings and magic in your everyday life.  Because if you’re willing to look for it, magic is always there; good things are always happening even in the midst of the worst moments of your life.  And trust me, these are far from the worst moments of my life.

So, to all you out there in WordPress Land, brightest blessings always!

Please, let me know what you think!

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