New stuff!

So I’ve got some new pages up and I’ve taken down my old blog.  I have consolidated the information from that blog into pages here – mainly to have it all in one place.  Yes, I have edited and refined my rambling blogs from the other page.  I have made it more fit for public consumption.  Mainly because I’m trying to work up the nerve to talk to my Momma about being a Pagan.  Some of what I poured out on the other blog in writing out my beliefs are not things I’m ready to talk to her about – I don’t know that ever will be.

So, there is a link on the menu bar and I tossed in a link on my profile page.  I have my belief broken down into four sections: the Preface, an introduction to my life pre-Paganism and the most heavily edited section; The Divine, which is still a work in progress as I haven’t filled in the exact details about the Dagda and Danu, but I will; Life, Death, and Life Again, which covers my beliefs concerning our purpose here, what death means, and what comes after; and, of course, Magic and Magical Creatures, which is self-explanatory.  I could see myself adding to any of these sections or new sections entirely.  It’s hard to sit down and just put into words the hundreds of details that are part of my spiritual belief.  So if you have questions, please ask them!  Because even if I don’t have an answer now, it will give me a new avenue to explore my beliefs, allowing me to grow.  ^__^

So please, enjoy.  Let me know what you think.  And as always, brightest blessings always.

Please, let me know what you think!

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