100th Post! Happy Handfasting Anniversary!

So, I’m finally writing my 100th post.  WOW!  It’s awesome, and yet it shows how lax I’ve been over the last year that it’s taken me 14 months to get to post 100.  But I’m here and still going as strong as ever.  Now, I could have written this any time over the past several days, but I just couldn’t think of anything profound enough for my 100th post.  So, I figured a recap of the past year and a our plan for the next year.  Not exactly profound, but it was the best idea I could come up with and since I apparently completely spaced on writing about my blog’s one year anniversary (April 28th), now seems as good as then.  ^__^

So, let’s start with a recap.

In November, I lost my grandfather.  It hit me very hard, as I was once very close to both of my grandparents before they moved to Texas and then I moved to Chicago.  My grandparents were a huge influence of my idea of what true love is and can be.  Just before Christmas 2009 my husband broke his wrist, setting in motion our decision to leave Chicago two years ahead of schedule, and allowing us to move up our schedule of trying to get pregnant.

March 27, 2010, our cousin marries two days before our 2nd anniversary.  While at the wedding, cousin, cousin’s sister-in-law, and I start talking about babies and the baby-bug bites me HARD.  And of course, March 29th, was our anniversary.  April 9, my husband and I quit smoking in preparation of trying to get pregnant.  April 23, my darling husband, Joshwa, turned 26.

April 28, I finally started Spiral Charmed Life after a failed attempt on blogspot in late 07/early 08 – I still have the original up because I have explained quite a bit about my beliefs there and haven’t yet figured out how I want to convert it here to this blog.

April 30, my baby brother turned 19. *sniffles*  At the end of May, I finished my last pack of birth control and immediately started my period.  June 16, we celebrated our 3rd handfasting anniversary.  August 4th, I turned 25 and at the end of August we packed up and left Chicago.

After a bit of bouncing around, we ended up in Alabama with my sister.  Not the best five months of our life or relationship – which is saying a lot as we’ve been through some…let’s say interesting…situations in our time together.  But we’ve only gotten closer to one another.  Though, the effects on my relationship with my sister….well, I’ll let you know as soon as I can bear talking to her again.  Can I just say, if you ask someone to come stay with you, and you set rules, please stick them.  Don’t decide down the road that that person needs to pay off your mortgage along with being your personal chauffeur and cleaning service.

Moving on, in December my Joshwa got a job and in February, we finally got our own place.  A beautiful, wonderful place that has been a blessing like none other.  But, later that month, my grandmother passed away after a second fight with cancer – she beat breast cancer once years before.  After 15 months, she went to join the love of her life.

Well, in March, we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary.  In April, we celebrated a year of not smoking, Joshwa’s 27th birthday, the first birthday of this blog, and my baby brother’s 20th birthday (which had me in sniffles all day…again).  In May, my nephew turned 11 and we passed the 1 year mark of us trying to conceive.  It wasn’t the best day of my life, but we’re still positive and still trying.  Keeping faith is hard, but every time I feel that faith waning, I come on here and gripe and feel better.

So, that brings us to today, June the 16th, our 4th handfasting anniversary.  My darling Joshwa is snoozing on the couch since my sleep schedule has been all sorts of screwed up lately.  And I’m watching Ghost Whisperer and getting all weepy because I didn’t want to watch anymore Eureka without him.

And even though not that long ago I went over what we thought our two-year plan was going to be, we’ve changed our minds….again.  ^__^  We can’t take the heat.  I’m trying to remember how I used to love this kind of weather.  Because, make no mistake, I used to love the heat of summer and teased my darling hubby about being a wimp.  Granted, he had several years of dealing with the heat before we met and I teased, and I haven’t even had a full year to get used to the heat again – and the freakish power bill, please don’t even get me started on that one!

But, we’ve decided we don’t want to wait.  Apparently, despite everything, my credit is pretty good and Joshwa’s is getting better by the day.  It’s worth being somewhere that we’re both comfortable.  Besides, we’re going to be smarter about it.  If we don’t have the money and Josh hasn’t found a new position (transfer only, we are not going without a job this time!), we won’t go.  But I’m a frugal little squirrel, and with Joshwa’s promotion kicking in on Saturday, I’ll be even better at it.

That said, yeah, I added a donate button.  I don’t actually expect donations, but I figured, why not try?  First we have to get the truck worked on some more – and that’s going to be a few hundred dollars, I think.  But then all our money is going into savings for our move.  Once we have $2,000 saved for our move (after the however many hundred it takes to get the truck fixed), then I want to get a new computer (a friend of ours is gonna help us build one – but I don’t know if Joshwa has told him yet, lol) and a new camera (because I’ve been coveting a digital SLR for years).  Granted, if we do manage to get pregnant, the baby will bump my other wants down, but until then, if we’re able to fix Joshwa’s XBox ourselves, Joshwa told me it was fine with him.  I like having a sugar daddy.  Of course, if we can’t fix his XBox, that may take precedent over a new computer – it definitely will over my new camera, because he’s the sugar daddy.  ^__^  So, if you want to donate, awesome!  If you don’t, it’s okay, I still love you.  Heck, if you want to donate and tell me what to put the money towards, you have my word I will.  I’ll even add it to my list next to what it’s for!

Well, I think that’s a good 100th post.  Past, present, future.  Shamelessly posted a donate button.  Yep, that about covers it.  Happy anniversary to my darling Joshwa again, and brightest blessings to all!

2 thoughts on “100th Post! Happy Handfasting Anniversary!

  1. Girl, I feel you on passing that 1 year mark. It’s like everything that had been planned out suddenly goes out the window and you aren’t sure what to do next. (At least for me that’s how it was was 😉 )

    • For now, it’s just a matter of keeping on. With us planning on moving, we don’t want to start talking to anyone about treatments or anything, just to have to transfer to someone else down the line. My Joshwa keeps me positive. I don’t know what I’d do without him. ^__^

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