New plants!

Well, we finally got some new plants for our pots that Aunt Sharon got us.  Yay!  They’re prettyful!  In the left pot, is golden thyme and purple (we hope, maybe pink or white, but it hasn’t bloomed yet) and sage in the right pot.  ^__^  My sage is looking a little sad right now, but hopefully now that it’s in an actual pot and outside it should recover.  I had so much fun playing in the dirt with my tools and all that she got me, too.  My Aunt Sharon is AWESOME.

And I can’t wait until she gets to come back, so we can go to the nursery together.  They sell antiques, too and we love nosing around them.  We wanted to check it out while she and Momma were here, but they’re closed on Sunday and we were so busy running around getting the couch that we never got a chance to go on Saturday, so we missed it.  Will so be going next time, though!  We’re gonna have to go back soon to see about getting an aloe plant.  We don’t have one and I really want one.  I burn myself too much in the kitchen not to have one, lol.

I’m loving playing in the dirt.  I love plants, but I’ve never had the time/opportunity to do it before.  I hope I can keep it up, especially since so far everything we have (except Qi – our lucky bamboo – of course) can be used in the kitchen/medicinally.  ^__^  Yep, cause I’m awesome like that.  Okay, maybe not yet, but I’m looking forward to trying.  And I can’t wait for the flowers to bloom!

As always, brightest blessings!

2 thoughts on “New plants!

    • It does. And I’ve had a yen to grow things for a while but was always afraid to try – it’s laughed in our family that my mother has a black thumb, because she can kill anything, lol. But so far so good. The sage is even looking better. ^__^ I might have continued to to make excuses and put it off, but when my Aunt bought me five pots, it was just the push I needed.

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