Wow…what a couple of days….

So, I finally did what I’d been promising myself and the God and Goddess that I would do for several weeks – I finally got my altar put back up.  I’m so ashamed that it took so long.  I’m thankful that They don’t hold grudges.  When I set up my alter and spent my time meditating, I got that always overwhelming sense of peace that always comes.  Even after twelve years, I still am humbled and surprised by the wonder of it.  I guess it comes from the way I looked at it all when I was attempting to be a Christian.  I was angry and confused, so I saw God/Deity as angry and judgmental (I’m sure not all of that was simply me…there is a reason I left the church I was at before I took the first steps away from Christianity).  But I was reminded that such ideas are not the ideas of Deity, but of men.  Deity is love.  The overwhelming message I got?  Silly girl, did you really think We’d be mad?  And isn’t that wonderful?

After that, I was energized and ready to come write about my revelations that morning.  So I came downstairs to hop on the computer…only for it to die.  I mean, like no response, no boot, nothing.  It still won’t start and it makes me sad, since it’s my laptop that I’ve had for years.  But that’s the problem.  It’s freaking old.  But, luckily, we finally figured out what was wrong with the other laptop – the one that was shutting itself off for no good reason.  If it has a fan, the fan isn’t working.  But I figured out if I sat here freezing my butt off (or, more specifically, my legs), it won’t overheat, or turn off.  ^__^

Of course, it took a full day for me to break down and try this other computer.  Which is really freaking embarrassing.  But I had to, because I had to share my Joshwa’s awesome news.  My Joshwa found out last night he’s getting his promotion soon!  His raise and all will go into effect next Friday!  Yay!  We’ve been kinda worried about it – not that he’d get the job, but how long it would take to go through.  Now, he still has to wait for an even higher-up to be at work (probably Saturday) to make the official offer, but that’s just a matter of formality.  I’m so proud of him, I could burst.  ^__^

Well, that’s all for now.  I’ve been up all night (though I doubt I’ll actually sleep any time soon), so I can’t think of anything else.  Of course, if I do think of something, I’ll be back.  In the mean time, brightest blessings always!

3 thoughts on “Wow…what a couple of days….

  1. Isn’t that sense of peace amazing? I don’t think there is anything in the world like it.

    Yay for your husbands promotion!!! That is always super exciting and super helpful. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by and for subscribing. ^__^ Yes, that peace is beyond awesome! It’s what gets me through the so fun discussions with Christian family members (mostly in my hubby’s family….and mostly my older brother-in-law) – both to keep myself from getting upset, and as a final chance for them to understand since they tend to look at the world through a literal interpretation of the Bible. Of course, my brother-in-law and I have come to the understanding that we don’t discuss religion….it works better that way. ^__^

  2. I am also looking for blogs that speak of spirituality that bring meaning to my life. I started my blog and am excited about sharing what I have internalized about life and spirituality. Meditating is a perfect way to start the day. It starts my morning with gratitude for the smallest gift, as simple as the breath I breathe. I enjoy reading your blog. You are welcome to visit mine.

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