An update on our complaint….

Well, I heard back from the Better Business Bureau today (as they had heard back from Victory GMC yesterday).  Big surprise, they are doing there best to cover their asses, even going so far as to indirectly blame us for possibly doing something to the truck in the week between us getting it fixed and it overheating again (well, we don’t know how far they drove it in a week).  I now know why it took them nearly an entire month to respond, though since their version of events now is very different from what they said to Joshwa on the phone, down to some other guy claiming he spoke with Joshwa, when at the time, the guy identified himself as the location manager (I’ll leave his name out of it just in case).  He also completely ignored our complaint against the service adviser and our issue with said complaint being overlooked.  So, the Better Business Bureau asked if we were satisfied with their response.  Yeah, that would be a no.  And then I got to explain why – oh, goodie.

So I did, starting with the fact that whomever I spoke to called themselves name “X” rather than name “Y” (the guy now claiming to have spoken to Joshwa that day).  Then I explained that I had paperwork where they claimed there was no leak, but the fact that a week later there was no coolant in the system means there was still a leak and they overlooked it.  If we take it back and the problem isn’t the part that they replaced, then we either have to pay them to replace something new or we have to pay them $87 for checking it.  Seriously?  I also addressed the issue with the service adviser again.  I don’t see us reaching a satisfactory conclusion, but their rating with the BBB will suffer.  That, though unsatisfying, is better than them getting away with it unscathed.

In other news, well, there really isn’t any other news.  Not that that is necessarily a bad thing.  Better no news than bad news, right?  We’re in the middle of the baby-making month (heh, saying that makes me want to giggle like a middle schooler), and we’re still a couple of weeks from Joshwa’s 6 month mark where he’ll have another review, then he should be able to start being a CSM and start his full-time status.  It also means we qualify for health insurance!  Woot!  Granted, without full-time status and the pay increase, we can’t afford it, but then, I feel positive he’ll get his promotion.  Not to worry, I will definitely keep you informed as events unfold!  ^__^

Well, that’s all I have for now.  Until next time, brightest blessings and lots of love to all!

Please, let me know what you think!

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