Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful women who are blessed to be called mothers and who bless your children and families!  It’s a beautiful thing you do and you have my gratitude and envy.  This time last year I thought “wow, I bet I’ll get to celebrate next year…won’t that be neat”, but this year brings a bit of sadness – because I’m not a mom and we’re a mother short this Mother’s Day.  It’s been three months since we lost Mammaw, so it’s definitely still hard.  Harder still?  I won’t be seeing my Momma, even though she is only a few hours away.  Well, lives a few hours away.  Cause she and Daddy are at Elks Convention this weekend.  Isn’t that a kick in the teeth?  Who schedules a convention on Mother’s Day weekend?  Crazy people, that’s who!  ^__^

I did have a bit of a sniffle earlier when the wife of one of Joshwa’s cousins (haven’t met them yet) post a Happy Mother’s Day on my Facebook and I had to tell her I’m not a mommy yet.  I realized, I’m the only woman not pregnant or a mommy on Joshwa’s side of the family!  Well, at least with his mother’s family since we don’t really keep up with his dad’s side as much.  Just another way I don’t measure up…and the only way that actually bothers me.

But, on a brighter note, I did just talk to my beautiful Momma and got assurances that my Daddy is taking her out to dinner to celebrate, since neither my Bubba nor I can be there.  Now, I think I’m gonna go have me a sniffle.  Be sure to hug your mother if you can, or call her if you can’t.  If she is no longer here, take a moment to think on her and bring her into your presence so you can spend a little time with her.  If you are a mom, congrats.  Take some time to hug your children, because today is as much about them as it is you (I say this as someone who wants to be a mom, not as a child, honest!).  Brightest blessings and purest love.

Please, let me know what you think!

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