Weird mood

I have been in the strangest mood lately.  I’ve been weeping at the drop of a hat lately.  I’m not a crier!  I mean, I’m becoming one, but this is like going from about a 2 (maybe 2 1/2) to a full-out 8!  Yesterday, I saw a video clip of Phil Collins “You’ll be in My Heart” from Tarzan (clips from the first and second movie) and I bawled.  It’s like, seriously?  And the sleep and the headaches.  It’s like, seriously, didn’t I just get off my period?  Guh!  Okay, I feel better now.  Nothing like griping to make me feel better.  ^__^  So, other than being weirdly emotional and just feeling generally like crap, things have been fairly uneventful.  Still having trouble with the truck – it’s getting frustrating, but what can we do?  We don’t have the money to get it fixed (again!), so we fill it up with water before we go anywhere and hope that it doesn’t get any worse.

Oh, and I’m not looking forward to tomorrow.  Everybody is an effing mother!  And my mother?  In Vicksburg at Elk’s convention.  Having issues with the fact that my little brother gets preferential treatment, even though we’re closer.  Momma and Daddy went to Texas for his birthday, but they aren’t coming to see me on mine.  In fact, my little brother will be home that week and my Momma didn’t even consider coming to see me.  Of course, this is all just contributing to/effected by this whole wildly emotional several days that I’ve been having.  But, it is better than being crazy like in Chicago!  Lol.

OH!  And I completely forgot!! Happy birthday, blog!  Yep, my blog is a year old (4/28)!  And yet, I still haven’t reached 100 posts…that’s kinda embarrassing!  Oh, well.  This is number 92, so I’ll achieve it this month…I hope!  ^__^  Until then – brightest blessings!

Please, let me know what you think!

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